Don Tyson School of Innovation


It was the summer time,
And I was sweating in the 90° heat alone with my thoughts.
Flowers were blooming, red, yellow, and some purple
sprouted out of the ground to begin their growth in the
warm sun that was the same yellow as a school pencil.
As I was sitting on my wooden porch swing I watched
my dad tediously planting the gorgeous sunflower seeds.

For a moment, I wished I was one of those flowers.
I wished I could be as silent and simple as them.
Silence and simplicity sound boring, but they
represent great beauty.
Oh, to be silent and simple.

Mykayla Ward


The sea and the rippling tides the birds keep watch over a
circle that matches the sun and the rain falling down by the
place where they meet.

Leticia Santos

hard, tight

Tight is my sister’s heart when she has allergies
The hard stone that I walk never moves

Luzelena Morales

Don Tyson School of Innovation
Springdale, AR
Dates of Visit: February 26, 2018
Faculty Sponsor: Anne Martfeld
Grade Levels: 8
Appx. Number Students Served: 20
Visiting Writers: Andrew Butler, Joshua Idaszak