Lavaca Middle School

Ode to my phone

My phone,
it rings like an
old telephone when
my friends call me.
it chirps like a baby
bird learning to fly
for the first time, when
my friends text my phone.
it sounds like a dragon landing
on your headboard in the morning
when it’s time for me to wake up.

Reshia Sparkman

Facts about dinos

Alligators are the great future of the dinosaurs.
Back then giant creatures roamed the Earth,
eating almost any prey in its way. They still
do now but they are a little smaller. Imagine
walking through the park and seeing a huge
dog. It’s not. It’s the great alligator.

Isaac Morris

I’m Here

As I inch along this congested street,
I think about the life I could have had.
I could have been as successful as a frog near a dead
I could have been receiving Nobel Prizes like
a factory worker relentlessly getting manufactured
goods on a conveyor belt.
Instead I’m here.
A sweltering day in Chicago it is.
A lone truck driver in a sea of success described in blinking lights.
No air conditioning. No company.
A million rubber soles melting in the back.
In a gooey pool of hopes and dreams.

Wonda Sengkomyong

ice cream

you travel from Texas to
Tennessee so I can eat you
you come at night in a truck

Preston Lockridge


I was at the zoo and there
were monkeys and they were
just looking at the glass and
they were thinking what is
beyond this mysterious wall.

Aiden Loney

Ode to My Dresser

My dresser. A cage for the neatly
folded clothes it contains. A box of
possibility. A mess, a neat stack,
everything it holds is something. It
is a golden-brown pandora’s box. A large
box, full of things.

Isabel Mello

Ode to Air

Oh, how we take you for granted air.
Oh, how I love you.
70% Nitrogen, 20% Oxygen, 9% Argon, 1% unspecified matter
(*ahem* dead skin cells, insect legs, dust particles, evaporated
hopes and dreams…)
You are so important to me air, I feel like I would die
without you.

Wonda Sengkomyong


The loud music playing up front. Bob and Billy with their
sunbrows eating by cousin Estabon Ricardo Excaboton
Ramirez and Juan. Driving through the dark woods
waiting to come out and see the shining bright lights
of Chicago. Driving down to Mama’s Mexican restaurant, I
see little Jimmy riding on his little red bike, while waving
to grandmother Sally. The smell of the sweet meat and
the sour tomatoes bouncing around in the back. Pulling
into mam’s the business was slow but once the
tacos entered the restaurant the bulls came running

Isaac Morris

Ode to Library

Library you are
full of learning
like a tiger after
eating an antelope

you’re as big as
a megalodon

Your books are
in rows like a
great white shark’s

Your designs are
as colorful as
an art gallery

Jackson Armistead

Lavaca Middle School
Lavaca, AR
Dates of Visit: November 6-7, 2017
Faculty Sponsor: Karen Grady
Grade Levels: 5, 6, 7, 8
Appx. Number Students Served: 150
Visiting Writers: Zach Harrod, Zach Hester, Josh Idaszak, Jacob Yordy