Happy Hollow Elementary

Everything I didn’t get to write about

Why did I not write about
dinosaurs? Why did I not
write about trees and
oceans? Last why did I not
write about Halloween!! Last
and clowns.

Nathan Sanchez

galaxy holding

The cave was as bright as the sun.
The sun was as dark as a cave.
And by the way, the galaxy is a giant black hole
and clouds are made of cotton candy.
And if you want to know, I hold everything.
I hold the earth, your house, and an ant.
Well, I can lift those things.
But the problem is, I am an ant.
I an nowhere, and everywhere.
Or I am a tiger.
Or I am a galaxy.

Quintin Allen

The toothbrush and pencil

The toothbrush was sitting on a log
and whistling to the song everything and
a pencil came over and started whacking
the log over and over again. They were
in Antarctica.

Sara Pomeroy

Scared Humans

I was 2 years old and I would bite my
toes, I was 3 years old and I would smell
my toes, I got to 4 and I would hear my toes
pop, then I was 5 and I got back to
biting my toes, the day after my 5th birthday
my mouth was full with my toes and my
foot was covered with teeth.

Bella Streett

The Changes

I woke up this morning but I wasn’t in
my room I was in a spaceship. I went in
the kitchen and my family were aliens.
I ran out the door and on the way I
realized I was an alien. I decided to
go to the beach.

Phaedra Howard


At first I was lonely as a little
girl lost in the woods but now I
am an elephant working for peanuts.

Autumn Stewart


My lungs are bumblebees
buzzing in their hive
when they land it feels
like they stung my insides
and when I tackle a breath
it tastes like I just ate
some honey. When I
listen closely I hear buzzing
buzzing but it never

Cole Gough

Red Fire

My leg is on fire. Everywhere I go
I set something on fire. I had to taste but
it tasted like burnt toast. When I tried to
touch it was freezing cold. I couldn’t
hear the fire because everyone was yelling.
It felt like nothing was there.

Ella Fitzhugh

The Glorious Night

I hear the tornado out my window howling.
The water outside dripping on down.
From the lights outside makes my room all
yellow. The lilac of the bed shines on my
face. I can feel my heart beating out of
my chest. I can taste the stress from my
mom and dad. I see the fan spinning
round and round. I touch the light as I
go into the night.

Presley Drake


I like NYC. I always
think of all the big triangles. What
is a person. And then there was
a blood red tornado. A person
is a worm. And the sounds of
cars driving by.

Mac Kimbrow


A black bear looks like a grizzly
it has black fur. And it sounds like a
big growl. And it moves on 4 legs. And
everyone knows it likes meat. Nobody
knows I do the moonwalk.

Austin Adams

blue frog snowing

once upon a time 4 teal trucks
were racing down a violet road
why it was snowing blue
frogs the snow hit and tan zebras
the zebras tags turned gray
the snow kept falling and falling

MaKenzie Blundell

Ode to my Parents

I ode to my parents everyday.
They smell nice and feel soothing.
I hear their great gathered voice.
I taste cotton candy when I hug them.
When I see them they make my heart
beat, beat, beat, beat beat.

Aleigha Conley

Ode to my dog Clowie

My dog smells like a mud bath.

She feels like a wet hot tub.

She is as light as a feather.

She slides on the kitchen floor like an ice cube.

She’s a little baby.

Jasmine Berrios

I want to be

I want to be a unicorn when I grow
up. I would live in the clouds and
On snow days I would go down and
play and frolic in the snow. On hot
summer days I would play in the
pool until my legs hurt. And bounce on
Spider-Man’s web trampoline. He built
it himself. I made magic yummy
sauce that makes anything taste
like your favorite food. I would go
to unicorn walmart and buy nothing.

Asana Betnar

I’m a Sporse

I’m a sporse.
I’m a spider and a horse.
I have 8 legs and a hairy body.
I run like the wind and crawl like a spider.
I eat hugs which is hay and bugs.
I spin my webs and run all day.
I sense to hunt my prey.
I’m a sporse.

Elli Naples

Ode to My Football

My football is so pink like
pink grapes that I picked. And when
you throw it flies like a
bald eagle. It smells
like fresh strawberries
that just got picked.
When you throw it
whistles like a hummingbird.

Jax Tidwell

Hungry Bear

The witch accidentally turned me to a bear
With teeth bigger than two pencils stacked.

I was 30 miles per hour. I could
kill an alligator in one bite.

The bear was 9 feet tall.

I had claws bigger than 3 pencils.
It was strongest.

He caught a rabbit having fun
With a splinter on its toe
in August on a motorcycle
with a wife and a house
that he’s carrying.

He fought a polar bear and
won. By the way he was

I went to the witch
and she turned me to a

Isaac Urioe

How to fall in love

you look at the tv
but the tv
is off
you look at the plant
but don’t water

Linda Gallardo


The sun is 2° Fahrenheit.

It has water.

It has coal.

It has oily.

It has unicorns.

It has eyes.

It even has a Best Buy.

Emir Barcenas

You Are In Cliff Country

If you’re climbing a cliff here’s some
advice: don’t look down. It you’re petrified,
take deep breaths and try to stay calm.
Once you are calm don’t look down and just
keep climbing up till you reach the top. Then
start worrying on how to get down.

Sophie Bryles

The Octopus Book

What kind of book would an octopus
read? He might read about
dogs or read about flags.
He might read about trees
or maybe buckets? Though
all of those seem like good ideas,
he is probably reading about how
to escape from the library.

Nora Greenslade


A fish jumping
over all the land
and creating holes

Brodie Long

The sniff of purple

Purple smells like daffodils
on a beautiful spring evening
it reminds me of the time
I got flowers for my grandma
I think of it as splashes of pain
with daffodils in between
when you smell purple
you’ll get the scent
in your fragile bod

Brooklyn Simpson

Happy Hollow Elementary School
Fayetteville, AR
Dates of Visit: October 19-20, 2017
Faculty Sponsor: Crissa Mitchell
Grade Levels: 3, 4
Appx. Number Students Served: 212
Visiting Writers: Hannah Allen, Collin Callahan, Elizabeth DeMeo, Sacha Idell, JT Mahany, David Priest, Sara Ramey, Madeline Vardell