Emerson Elementary


There once were a bird
It was 1000 pounds
It could fly
It landed on my house
It broke my roof
It lives on Mount Everest
It eats a whale
It made the sound of a train
It is blue and tap shoes

Nathan Birdsong

The Abandoned Barn

The abandoned barn is in the woods
With trees and bushes growing in it
The trees make sounds of a baby crying
At night the wolves prowl on top of it
If the bell rings watch out for snakes

I don’t know why its here
But I know why I am
To see the talking trees
To see the yelling bushes
To feel the shock of the wood

If you are there you are never sane
Seeing snakes on your feet
Smelling dead frogs on a stove
Feeling the hard wood on the barn

Will Taylor

Galaxy Is

The series
of the world
galaxy is a
magnetic field
light as a light bulb
loud as a doorbell
the satellites pick
up beautiful pictures
of the series of the
word galaxy

Shauna Mattmiller


I saw a biscuit
I ate the dadgum biscuit
I now have to go

Cade Waller

The Truth about England

England is a tree
a tree that stretches to the sky
and the leaves travel across the world
a tree that never grows old
and never says goodbye

Morgan Dendy

The Missing Bomwacker

It was one day not long
from this one I saw the
missing bomwacker! It’s
a bird that had 12 foot claws,
a 48 foot wing span, a club
tail, rainbow fur, pink and
purple wings, a blue tail, and
it had a beak that looks
like a pinball machine.
It eats only people that
are scared of it. It can
fly around the world 100
times without stopping. It
was as big as a little lizard.
It sounds like a big tornado
siren. It lives in the trash
with friends made out of paper.
Now, it lives in the jungle
and eats fruit and rocks.

Caine Anglin

Return of the Giant Centipede

The sun is rising, you
hear the sticks break.
Hear crawling. You pause.
You see a Giant Centipede.
It looks at you.
You can feel it coming towards you.
You notice that it smells weird.
You tend to freak out.
You are thinking of running,
but there is no need.
You take one more look at the
giant creature. Its eyes are
beady, it’s red and green.
You watch it crawl away.
There was shelter near by,
so you went.
You were starving, you found food.
You tasted it, it was amazing.
It tasted like cantaloupe, strawberries,
peaches or banana.
You had no clue.
You just knew it was delicious.

Karlie McNatt

Trapped inside a Mouth

I was a fly
I saw an apple
I landed on
the apple and
BOO . . . somebody
ate me I
was sad that
I didn’t have no
friends but the
good part was that
I had food.

Chrissi Benoit

The Return of the Burrowing Boa

The Burrowing Boa
lives only under the
ground of Alabama’s gulf
and eats only sounds of
other animals fighting
they are the size of
a penny when born
then grow to be
19 feet long they
are black, pink, and yellow
if a boy and the girls are
blue, pink, and white
they make a sound like
a dolphin mixed with a
tiger that needs help
if that’s what you hear, run

Chloe Mason

Stop the Charge from Flowing

Stop the charge from flowing
it sounds like a hurricane
it smells like peanut butter & jelly
it feels warm like paper that just came out of the copy machine
it looks like lightning striking down on Earth
it’s like the galaxy
it’s like a parallel circuit
it’s electric
you can’t take the resistance
stop the charge from flowing

Avery Barker

The Abandoned Book

A portal of apges
dust and cobwebs fill the corners
words of ancient languages fill the papers
The book is as old as time

I jump through the book
A world of stories unknown
I see wars and villages
I see something different

I look around to find someone
I see you
You stand over by a well
and you turn to see me

Then, turn back, and jump!

Frieda Fry

Emerson Elementary
Emerson, AR
Dates of Visit: February 27 – 28, 2017
Faculty Sponsor: Jennifer Kyle
Grade Levels: 3, 4, 5, 6
Appx. Number Students Served: 110
Visiting Writers: Sacha Idell, Samantha Kirby, Molly Rector, Anna Vilner