West Junior High


In his tour bus, he lies loudly snoring.
After a long day of tours and concerts
and autographs and pictures, he lays on
his back, eyes closed.

Chris Franklin

Abandoned Cotton Factory

The old abandoned cotton factory
reeks of the smell of old cotton.
It looks as if it has been
sitting there for years.
It is dark and slowly falling
apart. The old oak wood
cracking and creaking.

As I walk through it with my hand
sliding on the wall, I trip over
the fallen and broken piece of wood
I get back up with a scar
on my elbow.

I walk with you I talk
with you and I also
adore you. You and I
are best friends.

You are my caretaker.

Kenny Smith

God of Anger

black and slicked back
an unbuttoned tuxedo
nails on a chalkboard
cold block of ice
ghost peppers
aggressive hockey
prehistoric Megalodon

Zach Thomas

What People Bloom?

What people bloom? Daughters, sisters, sons or brother grow. You can’t stop them even though you want to.

What people bloom? Their minds get bigger. They go from smart to intelligent like lightening.

You may not notice an inch, but soon an inch becomes a foot. And that foot becomes five foot.

Then you have someone who is as tall as you, maybe bigger. You can’t stop it.

They love to grow. They want to grow, but thank goodness they can’t do it all overnight.

Eva M. Daughhetee

Just This

“One too many tonight, Shoe”
“Oh how could I”
“Everything matters, Wine Bottle”
“Fork, did you see the Rose?”
“No, Shoe, sorry”
“Oh come, oh come”
“Oh how merry, Rock”
“God bless the Rock”
“Oh Shoe, oh Shoe”
“Only if the Fork knew”
“Yee, yee,” the Wine Bottle said

Bailey Rena Frymire

The Farm

I like the moon
or is it the sun
a big white circle in
the sky during the

The tree is dead
how is this a
farm with no water
dry land

The house or is it
a half house, shack,
a deconstructed house
the ones the enemies

Their women, getting water,
wearing a skirt, why
is she getting water,
make cake, drink it

Kylie Jones

Thomas Edison and a Bucket

Thomas Edison was a great inventor
He was born in 18-bucket.
Wait why did a bucket just get
into Edison’s life bucket?
Edison, kick the bucket!
Wait, that’s a phrase, isn’t it?
What does it mean? ‘Give up’?
Don’t give up, Edison!
You invented the light bucket, Edison!
Don’t you remember your great buckets?
Wait, don’t go!

Soren Morris

The Yodeling Vice Principal

The sun shines through the Vice Principal’s
blue office windows as he’s yodeling to
his desk. He has this big competition
coming up where he has to have the
best yodeling song to win. He has
been practicing for weeks, and the kids
at the school wish he would shut up.



I like you.
I hope you might
be able to come
with me here
to church on Sunday.

Kain Young

my father’s dream house

There are short rains in April.
I look out the window and see new 2000 houses.
My father has always loved those houses
in the suburbs of New York.
His favorite house is the till colored one at the end of the block
with the nice smooth look.
He wants to read the morning paper sitting on
the porch with his grey, big eared rabbits. I tell him to buy
the house, but he is old and stubborn. So I don’t
know if he will ever read his morning paper on the perfect porch.

Delanie Johnson

I am 5

I am 5 and
my little sister was just born

I was with my grandma and
we were on our way to the hospital

We picked my mom up and my
new little sister

Her name is Madison Young
We were on our way to tell
everyone the good news.
I am 5
MADISON! my mom yelled
My grandmother, curious, slammed
her breaks

“What’s wrong?”

Me, scared and worried
I am 5
My mom said, “She won’t wake up!”

I start to cry. My grandmother screamed and
called 911 I am 5

She tells them what happened
15 minutes here they are
I am 5
They get her out the car seat
put her in the ambulance

They rushed her to the hospital
I am 5
My mom and grandma let out
another scream
“No!” they screamed

My sister has to be air-lifted
No one could go

Me scared and anxious
I am 5

Alexus Young


Why does everything
in the Spring blooming
little girls in bows
little boys down
in the house in
the basement by the
window to see rain

Nevaeh Maloy

West Junior High
West Memphis, AR
Dates of Visit: March 9 – 10, 2016
Faculty Sponsor: Ashley Lipe
Grade Level: 7
Appx. Number Students Served: 118
Visiting Writers: David Kinzer, Scott Ray, Molly Rector, Chris Tamigi