Midland High School


Bright and purple,
they scattered the ground,
much like they had her casket yesterday.

Ainsley Tharp

Rules for Eating Souls

You always want the
sour ones, and occasionally
a sweet one. Never eat them
quickly. You won’t taste the
despair. And always drink hot
tea to wash the souls down
because sometimes they try
to come back up your throat.

Insley Vinson


a fish,
slowly swaying,
in the water.

Ryan Pratt


is falling from the sky cold and
wet falling down to the ground in
the tundra hitting leaves and land

Justin Albert

Anxiety is like a giant squid

Anxiety, like a giant squid, hides
deep down in the ocean of your
mindscape, yet ready to jump
out at any moment.

Ready to eat the tiny fish that
make up your sanity.

You may not always be able to
see or feel it, but it’s still
there, waiting for the perfect
moment to attack.

Sierra Moline


Love is like a rubber band.
Even if it has a few creases here and there
it will never end, unless it snaps.

Belinda Jaco

What is a soul?

An innocent, wide-eyed gold fish swims around
In his small bag of water.
He observes everything happening
Outside of his bag
As he inhabits the limited surroundings
Of his temporary home.

Kira McHale

Midland High School
Pleasant Plains, AR
Dates of Visit: March 28 – 29, 2016
Faculty Sponsor: Angela Muse
Grade Level: 8, 9
Appx. Number Students Served: 91
Visiting Writers: Jesse Irwin, J.T. Mahany