Cooper Elementary School


I am a ladybug flying through the dangerous
sky exploring the world.

My mouth is a jacket that is zipped up a lot.

Why is a bird flying through the sun?

The sun is a yellow burning fire.

I am a butterfly.

Ashlyn Farmer


I had some dogs who bark
all night. I had some dogs
who smelled as if they did
not git a bath. I had some
dogs who ran so fast
and some are very slow.

Emma Maes


I felt a boulder
drop on my foot.
It made my toes
Cry. My leg was
wondering what
had just happened,
while my foot
was as still as
a frog whose
waiting for
something good
to happen to it.

Jocelyn Andreasen


If eyes had a sound
it would be like glass breaking.

Sean Watkins


The past is a barbarian fighting a bear
on a bar of butter.

The present is a Scottish man blowing up parks
in patterns so he can make poetry.

The future is a wretched rope ladder rocking in the wind.

And I am a bomb for you.

Buckley Ronkin

Falisha Ukulale

Falisha Ukulale is a man that that
collects girls hair to clone them.
Falisha always smells of pineapples
and Brady’s socks. He loves to eat
dead goldfish and elastic bands.
Falisha always wears a swimsuit
to the Olympics every four years.
Falisha travels in the tardis
every day. Falisha, if you eat him
he will taste like rocks
and dirt mixed with blood
and chairs. He always hears
you because he stalks blonde
haired men.

Lakyn Prouga

Mr. Wigglesworth

Mr. Wigglesworth’s head shines bright
like a diamond. His lab coat has red
splotches on it. His voice is terrible.

Buckley Ronkin

Blue Blizzard

I am a blank ball with nothing inside.

My radius is broken from the playground hippopotamus.

The chick is smaller than its eyes.

I am jumping on a playground hippopotamus with dolphins.

Reese Willardson

Screaming Bacon

There was a screaming bacon. The bacon felt like a cotton ball. It tasted like cotton trees with meat inside it. When you eat it, you start screaming like a baby waking up.



Teal is like when you’re in Antarctica
looking at the beautiful northern lights
and smelling the cold, cold air when
a polar bear comes up to you and
sits right next to you and watches
the northern lights with you.

Ashlyn Farmer

My Mom Is Doing Hair

She sees the people’s hair and face,
She smells the shampoo,
She tastes her lunch on her lunch break,
She touches her clients soft hair,
She hears the blow dryer,
She thinks about me and my brother.

Peyton Morris

Courageous Carpenter

The courageous carpenter saved a skater
from a shark he saved a spy
from a spider and a pillow painter
from a platypus.

Madeline Bengz

Cooper Elementary School
Bella Vista, AR
Date of Visit: April 13 – 14, 2015
Faculty Sponsor: Deronda Ray
Grade Level: 4
Appx. Number Students Served: 80
Visiting Writers: Anthony Blake, Collin Callihan, Josh Idaszak, and Suzanne Monroe