Cavanaugh Elementary School


My face when I’m on a boat.
An apple when it’s just ripened.
Different kinds of mold.
My gut when I do something bad.
My brain when I’m trying to do math.
My stomach after Thanksgiving.
The Joker’s hair.
How I feel when I lost the spelling be.

Kassidy Hughes

Ode to Mother

You care for me. You keep me safe.
You feed me when I’m hungry. You help
me when I’m hurt. So I want
to say thank you for everything
you do for me. Thank you for
taking your time to help me
with hard times in my life.

Jacqulyne Phillips

Bruno Mars

Bruno Mars is singing his song
grenade. He sees his girlfriend
cheering him on. He feels the
squishy microphone in his hand.
Bruno Mars hears his millions
of fans cheering him on. Bruno Mars
tastes his big steak dinner that
he just ate. Bruno Mars smells his
cologne that he sprayed on. Bruno
Mars is thinking about how much
money he has.

Brooks Harrison

Dr. Phil

Dr. Phil is in Japan eating
sushi in a Ferrari. Dr. Phil
sees a Bald Eagle eating
a cheese burger in McDonald’s.
Dr. Phil feels a snake eating
a cookie in his pocket. Dr. Phil
hears a skunk spraying its
stench at the snake. Dr. Phil
smells a Giant Realistic Flying
Tiger ROAR. Dr. Phil thinks
that he is crazy.

Brian Yule

Cavanaugh Elementary School
Fort Smith, AR
Date of Visit: April 30 – May 1, 2015
Faculty Sponsor: Lisa Thompson
Grade Level: 4
Appx. Number Students Served: 40
Visiting Writers: Cheyenne Autry and Larissa Sprecher