Springhill Elementary School


early coffee
sparkling sun
birds chirping
shining light, how it is on Monday
quiet and nice
nothing to do
but go to school
don’t want to go
we live in a strange world
we have sparkling pencils
weird time changes
computers that talk
decisions apples
the spell of honey blossoms
in the air
the coldness touching my face
this is my Monday morning
reading the newspaper

Bryce Rankin

Today When I Open the Fireplace

When I open the fireplace
The smell of smoke and dust fill the air
Ashes and flaming coals at the bottom
Wood was, but is not there
The sun hits my face and I start to sweat
But it doesn’t bother me, oh no not yet
Scoop, push, drop the same old same old
The warmth of the coals goes to my skin
The crackle and pop fills my ears
Soon after the sun has set
I close the fireplace but it doesn’t bother
Me, oh no not yet

Ella Reynolds

Swimming with Cat

Swimming with cats is like nothing else.
We went to the lake.
Cat and I went across it
and Cat said, “I don’t like you right now.”
We crossed and Cat purred all the way
and tried to scratch me with its claws
to make me die and drown.
Cat and I were halfway
and Cat thundered her eye at me.
Cat saw me drown and she yelled.
She said that she’ll face her fear.
She went and got me and never cried.
Cat pulled me to land and we both survived.
I dashed over to her and gave her a towel
and said thanks to her.
Cats are like nothing else because they save you.

Brock Funk

Sitting on the Bleachers at Bishop Park in Bryant, Arkansas

Over my head far out in the light blue
sky, a plane is flying through the clouds.
To my right the bright yellow daisies are
blowing in the wind. The smell of the
freshly cut grass of the field hanging
in the air, and the dirt glowing bronze
off the sun’s light. It feels like you have
never been so warm. Every three minutes
you hear the yelling and cheering of the
crowd. To my left I see cardinals all around.
If it was like this all the time I would
hate to leave, but it feels like something
is missing.

Austin Schroeder

Travel Directions

Take left beside school
go straight
Then see horse farm
small hills
Take sharp right turn
up big hills
See big field
with deer jumping in the meadows
Turn sharp left
houses everywhere
go down big hill into shadows
Turn sharp curves
take right with the smell of fresh air
go straight with the flowers blowing with the wind
pass pond with geese
Turn left by bus stop
go up big hill like you’re going up roller coaster
Turn right where the old people live
go down hill where the dogs are barking at you
Now you’re there at my house
go up long drive way
looks like castle in front with that one room

Koby Melton

Lying on the Beach in Hawaii

I feel the sand burning
on my back. In the horizon
the water splashing and soaking
the sand. The little crabs crawling
and nipping at my feet. To the
right I see a pregnant
turtle laying eggs. Right
above there’s a banana tree
with monkeys all around having
a feast. All of a sudden I
smell the nectar on the
flowers, and the sweet
fragrance of coconuts. I
love Hawaii, I think to myself,

William Alverio

Springhill Elementary
Alexander, AR
Date of Visit: March 10 – 11, 2014
Faculty Sponsor: Russell Sherrill
Grade Level: 4
Appx. Number Students Served: 80
Visiting Writers: Diana Reaves and Larissa Sprecher