Emerson Elementary School


This is the trick:
Get out of the bedroom
everything is haunted
leave behind the bed, your toys, and your tv
everything is not your way
turn from the comfort of your bed
It is the most haunted It can eat you
if you believe it will go away
this is the most day troubles
get out of where you are and run.

Rebecca Scolley


The crickets are singing
and the leaves are whooshing as
I sit in a hole in a tree the
stars are sparkling in the night as I
know as soon as the sun comes
up to sleep I go I sit awake
thinking how it was a wonderful day
as the weeds weeped the sun came up and
I saw no more. I go to bed in my
little hole

Ella Hollis


I am a dogfish. I like to swim.
I am going to jump on the catapult
and up I go. I will bite the rope
and blast off. Wee! Here I am back
in the water. What will you do
if you were in a catapult? I
live in the lake, that’s why I wanted
to blast off.

Brandon Hanson


Sadness is a jealous dog
Sadness is a rough piece of wood
Sadness is dew
Sadness is a lonely clock
Sadness is dust

Connor Bridges


He mastered the language of the stars
watching and waiting for something to fall just
like a flower on a school yard for years and
years studying and studying for the right moment
to see a shooting star

Aiden Mayfield

Pit Bull

My owner feeds me I jump
the fence as I see the mailman
I chase him I smell cake I touch
the dirt as dirt flies behind me and
all I taste is cake and I hear
the mailman barking at a
pole you got any popcorn? I feel
good today.

Caleb Eads


Love feels like the blowing wind
Love tastes like tea cakes
Love sounds like a loud train
Love smells like daisies
Love looks like heaven

Kaylie Jo Wade

Prophecy in Blue

Soon the color blue will
take his milk jug, he called
pink and said do you want
a milk jug. Pink said how
much is it $20 pink said
for real blue said yep, pink
said how we talking pink
said do you want to
date then blue said first
you got to buy the jug
Blue will see milk jugs
and pink is trying to trick
blue for his milk jug.


My River

My river is so touch it has
many muscles, it dances with
the ocean. He wrestles with Windex
in his eyes. He even climbed Mountain
Dew. It sends the other side of
the scale 1000 miles. Makes dates
with Dr. Pepper. His arms can
reach a penny in the Grand
Canyon. It’s been years and
still my river won’t write


Emerson Elementary School
Emerson, AR
Date of Visit: December 1 – 2, 2014
Faculty Sponsor: Jennifer Kyle
Grade Levels: 3, 4, 5
Appx. Number Students Served: 120
Visiting Writers: Megan Blankenship, Megan Clark, Alice Otto, and Diana Reaves