Taylor Elementary School


Mowing the lawn
what a chore
mowing my worries
away mowing
the leaves clean
off the trees
mowing off
the gutters and roof mowing
down the past
mowing all my
troubles away

Jake Elmore

Wash Car


Gracie Claire Lee

My Monster

My Monster smells like trash that has been there for a week.
He taste like a bucket of dead grasshoppers with a
side of frog brains. My Monster sounds like a kitty saying
“roar.” He looks like a bucket of maggots. My Monster
touches everything he can get his hands on

Mason Jackson

Exploring the Grand Canyon by dashing

I see bones. Next
I’m ducking as I crawl down on
My knees and feel the cold
hard concrete. I taste lots of
dust. I look down and see a snake
slithering past me. I can hear
the slight echoes in the distance. I feel something as
cold as a winter’s day. I look
down and see nothing.

Kaylee Morehead

Spring is an Artist

Spring is an Artist,
it brings color to the canvas,
it paints the flowers and rainbows,
making the world bright.

Hailey Haynes

Cleaning Your Room

I always have
to clean my room.
Its not fun at
all. One day my
mom made me
clean my room.
So I went in there,
and I started
cleaning I cleaned
my dog and she
was as shiny as a
diamond. I had
a parrot and he
was dirty, I cleaned
him and he was
as shiny as an old man’s
glasses. My brother
was coming in from
outside so I cleaned
him up. He was so
shiny, like the sun.
I cleaned my family
and animals and
they were as shiny
as glass figures

Riley Beshea

Advice for a Mirror

I wake up very tired
I wake up to a mirror
the mirror looks back.
I gave him some advice
don’t reflect in the

Cullen Duplantis

How to Be Eaten By A Hawk

You see him circling around
Watching you, so minute
You hear his call to his friends
So loud, you being to shake

You taste the sour air
The hawk’s breath let out
You smell a rotten stench
It burns your eyes and you begin to cry

You know you’re about to die
“Why me?” you question
You see the trees shake
“You’re dead,” he says
And that, you were

Alexis Roberson

Advice for a Unicorn

Be careful don’t get me with your horn.
Just by the way your hair is up.
Eat the dust from the swing you
swing on. Just let me know when
you’re thirsty I will give you
some koolade. just sip on
that you will be ok.
I will spray you down with
the water hose. My dad said
if I do you can go ok.
Just to let you know

Madison Locke

What Is a Soul

I’m back at my home where the
horses used to play where the fireflies
came out night by night back where I
grew up in the wide open spaces
where the trees stay green
and the birds don’t fly away
where I now I’m safe back
where I grew up, back to the
wide open plains back where I laughed and cried
and played and caught fireflies
to pass the night away

Cy Watson

Taylor Elementary School
Taylor, AR
Date of Visit: March 2013
Faculty Sponsor: Karen McMahen
Grade Levels: 3, 4, 5, 6
Appx. Number Students Served: 125
Visiting Writers: Josh Brown and Adrian McBride