Grace Hill Elementary School


The sky shines
when the rooster
starts singing to the sun
to wake up. Its beautiful
smile shines so bright.
Yellow round eggs making
the sense of good smell
and when my mama flips
the eggs on the pan
it starts to pop and burn
the yolk out of it and
included a yellow
honey dripping on the
eggs to make it
sweeter and make
it so thin.

Ilana Ramires

Milky Way

She is a professional ballerina.
With her twirling tutu. She twirls
and twirls. I bring along a cookie. But
have no milk to go with it. She twirls
to me and hands me a glass of icy
milk. She feels bad for me because
I have to stand up. She twirls to me
and hands me a chair. It’s time for me
to go. She is sad. When I say, “I’ll
bring a glass of milk next time.”
She is joyful. I hand her a cookie
and smile. She says, “I love

Dezeray Rudsell

Leaving the Room of Love

Close the door behind you, but remember
to spin before you go outside. Go to the
river. Then do a trick before you
jump in to get some golden rocks.
When you’re done, come home.

Erick Rosales


They flutter by me in the
meadow. With orange spotted wings and
part black. It has a job of
going all the way to Mexico to
die there and have babies. When
they hatch, they fly back in
the moonlight sky.

Ella Lopez

Sensing Summer

When I saw summer
the sun was gazing in my
eyes. When I smelled summer
it smelled like sweet butter
rolling off a roll. When I tasted
summer I could taste a cold
popsicle rolling down my tongue.
When I heard summer the
pool was roaring when it yelled.
When I touched summer I
could feel the pool dragging
my hand when it waved.

Trista McAuliff

A Brief History of Poetry

It began in a country where
a book with one thousand pages lay
in someone’s hands. In the back
of the book there was a tiny
shell with a tiny key. You put your
ear up to the shell but it was
silent. You heard a pine cone crack. You
looked. It was the shadow of your grandson.

Madison Weaver

Leaving the Room of Love

Close the door behind you,
but remember to get
your jacket because it’s cold and
then go to the golden river,
or you will get tricked and
get spun back home.

Shannon Bridgeman

Grace Hill Elementary School
Rogers, AR
Date of Visit: November 19-20, 2013
Faculty Sponsor: Jennie Rehl
Grade Level: 4
Appx. Number Students Served: 75
Visiting Writers: Kathleen Heil and Diana Reaves