Bragg Elementary School


I turn my four wheeler into the dark woods.
Down the dirt trail I go.
Now I’m there at the box.
I feel my wooden gun stock against my arms.
I climb up the ladder and sit in my chair.
I crack a coke and learn back. My stomach growls for food.
Mo luck tonight, but I’ll try again tomorrow.
What could I, a young man, want?

Zach Walls

Forever Friends

Smells like nice pie, looks like
glitter on the earth, looks like
zombies at night. Sounds like the ghost
who ate fresh trees, feels like the
inside of a bright green rose.
Feels like chocolate on our heads.
Tastes like the inside of a neon
green light bulb. Feels like falling
off of a huge purple heart on
top of the world. We are two flowers
inside of a snow globe, problems fall
on us but we throw them aside.

Madison Milton

On Turning 11

There was tons of
happiness for on that gracious day
I knew life was fine at 1 I had small
hope at 2 none at 3 I had thought
that my days were done at 4 I had
rage at 5 despair at 6 nothingness
at 7 pain at 8 death but now at
11 there is no dread to live
dread to wake dread to move
dread to shake none just happiness
and peace

Zachary Mathis

Things to do

load dishwasher
do laundry
sweep bedroom
make bed
take the dog out
clean the house
wash out the tubs
take out the trash
clean the garage
clean out the car
Become a famous country singer
Travel to California
live with dinosaurs
live on the moon
move to another galaxy
Become the ground
live forever
see the Giant red Jupiter twister
live on Jupiter
live after Earth

Natalie Mae Pippen


being almost humorous is the core of

Andrianna Hardy

Grandmother Winter

She likes to hiberate
She turns super white like snow
She falls a lot like falling on ice
She gets cold and its cold
She makes ice cream when its cold

Wesley Steele

Skating Rink—Dance skate, talk to friends, eat snacks, run around, loud music, disco ball… Loud Skating Rink

I see lots of people in the middle of the
room. They are dancing like ants their pants. You can hear
loud music. There are people skating like ravens.
People running around like animals. Everyone talking loud like
lions and tigers fighting. Disco ball shines around the
room like beautiful stars. What more could I,
a young woman, want?

Kaneisha Allen

On Turning 11

I was sad I
wished that I could
stay little I didn’t
want to grow up
but as I look back
I remember all
the things that
I believed in when
I turn 5 I ate
so much chicken that
my parents told me
I was going to turn
into one when I was
6 I believed my mom
was a princess when
I was 7 my dad
told me if I stay
up on Easter the
Easter Bunny would
turn me into a giant
Easter egg when I was
8 I believed in magic
When I was 9 I thought
that my brother wan an
alien when I was 10 I
thought I could send my
baby brother
back to wherever
he came from but now
that I am 11
I know the truth

Jessie Burnett

Things to Do

Feed the dog.
Give the dog water.
Tear down house next door.
Clean my room.
Buy Christmas gift for my brother.
Live in the country.
Be a farmer.
Raise a baby horse.
Buy a swimming pool.
Go to Tennessee to live there.
Jump to the moon.
Sleep on the sun.
Dive into a volcano.
Swim in lava.

Darin Cupples


My boyfriend is like fall.
He is always cool.
He is like the branches
on a tree. He is falling all the
time when the wind blows. He is
fall because, when he falls on the
ground, his face changes color.

Madison Milton


for Lola

Maybe purple
is a snare drum.

I think bare hands
know the attic.

It is because crickets
sing to streams.

Perhaps I can
taste the clouds.

It means that history
would fit inside a keyhole.

I’m guessing your own two feet
travel from home.

This could be love
if I could just write it.

Caleb Troxler

The Story for Now

A swims in the cool freshwater
while B sings a song. C
watches a football game
and D digs a bone from
the backyard. E eats a pizza
in the mall. F washes her
hair. G has an attitude
with H while I is at
the dentist with a filling
in his mouth. J jacks
up a car with K. L is at
work with M while N
is at McDonald’s eating
chicken sandwiches. O
is sitting at home doing
nothing and P tries to
fight Q while R rests
under a tree. S went to
the sea and T talks on
the cellphone. U is
kissing V while W is
at the movies. X waits
for Y while Z is at home

Aaliyah McKillion

Poems We Can Understand

I want poems that we can understand.
Poems where a Siberian Husky has
an Instagram, and posts pictures of
his best friend Mouse chewing potato
chips and putting on a tuxedo.

No, poems that shoo away bees.
We want poems where the principal
goes to the hot, sandy beach, then she
gets a hot & ready, juicy hot dog. She
sits under the breezy, shady palm tree,
then all of a sudden prickly pinecones
start falling out the sky.

We don’t want poems that wear a
collar. We want poems where a teacher
is carrying her stinky dog in her
black leather purse to Wal-Mart, then
starts kissing her dog. One where she
falls asleep outside in the freezing
cold on her porch.

No poems where it turns into a bear.
Poems where a slimy snake whispers
in your ear “No you won’t get me, I’ll
get you and your pretty dog too.”

Elizabeth Delucia

Things to Do

clean room
Eat Brussel sprouts
Make bed with
pillow pets
feed Dog okra
throw up because of
Brussel sprouts
ask for flea pills
play professional
get married
swim with
see a mermaid
grow wings

Madison Pinson

Bragg Elementary School
Dates of Visit: November 4 – 5, 2013
Location: West Memphis, AR
Faculty Sponsor: Amber Mink
Grade Levels: 5, 6
Appx. Number Students Served: 100
Visiting Writers: Megan Blakenship, Kimberly Driggers, Diana Reaves, and Eszter Takacs