Arch Ford Educational Service Cooperative


My madness sleepwalks on Halloween night in a pirate costume.
My madness sleeps in a pool in Boca Raton.
My madness eats bricks from the dollar store.
My madness works at Payless and gets a discount.

Mollie Leonard


An owl is finding food in the night.
A rock with clothes on it.
An artist doing his best work.
The 49ers playing a football game in San Francisco.
A goat eating everything in your house.

Addie Hammack

21 words

Apple regrets sorry mountain books poems exit jacket paper holes door shirt chair purple green blue silver finger nail. Fingernail.

Abigail Shepard


Elephants run
through the
and go to
New Mexico

Ethan Hunt


A panda using a bamboo to carve an apple.
The couch a little kid is jumping on.
A ringmaster who rides on a fat llama’s back
An Indian symbol.

Sierra Chancellor


A lion eating
A waffle for

A truck drive
Eating a piece of

A toaster that
Was fixes by
A dentist

A doctor’s office
With llamas in
The waiting room

A tomato with
A big fluffy
Green worm in it

A lemur eating
An apple while
Playing bingo

Kayla Miller

Arch Ford Educational Service Cooperative
Plumerville, AR
Dates of Visit: October 23 – 24, 2012
Faculty Sponsor: Sally Stuart
Grade Levels: 3, 4, 5, 6
Appx. Number Students Served: 70
Visiting Writers: Kaj Anderson-Bauer and David Kinzer