Vandergriff Elementary


The razorback
with its long
skinny tusks
It woke
crunched in the leaves,
munched on a bush
with some
with a sweet taste.
He went back to sleep
still remembering
the sweet, fat

Hudson Gray


A simple frog slimy and jumpy
jumps on a lily pad. My dad and
I catch a fish. It wiggles. It
jumps. It tastes good when cooked.
I sit there and watch it flap
and twist wanting to set it free,
but instead it gets put in a bucket
to examine, and then gets let go.
The waters are shiny and still,
as I watch my dad fish,
waiting for a fish bite. All
the sudden, 7:00. It’s time to go
home with no fish. I look
out the window watching deer
with white dots on its tail.

Anna Purkey

Where I’m From

I’m from Jamaica.
I’m from the ocean.
I’m from the waterfalls.
I’m from growing bamboo.
I’m from the islands.
I’m from the blue mountains.
I’m from the spicy chicken.
I’m from the sweets.
I’m something special.

Natalie Scott

The Morning

Home as the dog sleeps as the oven beeps. My dad makes my lunch. My sisters run
down the stairs like elephants. We get ready to eat as my mom leaves. After we eat we
brush our teeth. I leave with my dad. As he drops me off, he says be great

Wiley Parkinson


The robin will fly chopping
its wings when it flies.
It will land in its nest and feed
its baby the shaking worms.
Then the mama will lay soundless
in the nest

Eli Davis


Hitting the ball nonstop.
Go, go! The ball is in the
air. Pass it, serve it,
you’ve got it now. You
are in the lead. Hit, serve,
pass. No one can stop you
now. When you stop, know no
one can stop you. No, no,
nothing, nothing. I will hear
the sound of pow, pow. There
we go, a pound there, there. 

Kate Adams

The Way of the Barn Girls 

Trot, walk, canter,
jump! My horse
goes crazy,
Practice all the
time, then feed
them, and do
it all over
again. That is
the way to
go. Look, she
and her horse
do it all
over again. 

Maddie Adams

Seafoam Green

Seafoam green look like
It sounds like the mighty ocean.
It tastes like salt and sugar.
It smells like peace but WAR
between coasts.
It feels like wet water but
cold sand.
It looks like sadness at
ease. Seafoam green. 

Niko Randall

Medieval Monarchy

Come to the throne!
You’re at my mercy!
I am your king!
Not so fast, a yell.
I spin with my throne occupied.
I am your queen!
Either die or back off!
I am your advisor, queen.
We bring a peasant and guard.
“Step up please,” says the queen.
“I would rather not,” the peasant says now. 

Joshua Foster


The start of
mid-summer is
always hot, but
I still can
be cold. The
sun feels almost
as if it was
my friend, and
wind is like
an orchestra
in my ear.
The pool is a
joy to spot,
but as soon
as August is
here, fall starts.

Harvey Hughes

Red Flags

The strong breeze in my hair.
As we walk along the water,
red flags following us.
Water, the perfect temperature.
Jayden’s curly hair going crazy.

Jacob and I wave-jumping

with the same brutal,
strong breeze in my hair. 

Naomi Kelly


The moon is gone. It’s dark
tonight. I ate the moon. 

My friend was shocked.
The world was in panic. It
tasted like cold mac ‘n’ cheese.
It smelled like tuna. It
felt like cardboard. It was
dark and cold tonight. Everyone
was wandering. The librarian was
researching the apocalypse. It was
dark tonight. I ate the moon.
It’s cold and dark tonight.

Journey Griffin

The Sound of Skating

The rink just
looks so empty. The
white ice just flows
in the wind. It’s all
me. I feel like it
gets lower every time
I glide. My feet
get chilly. Now, there’s
people out there. Just
doing what they came to do. The sound
of shrieking fills
my ears. When I
glide through the wind,
I feel like I’m
going to glide away. The sound
of skating is in the

Shelby Daniels

The Soccer Game

I kick the ball.
It could have been a goal.
My leg is like a hammer.
The ball is like a nail.
I’m breathing hard.
My leg is in pain.
The sweat like a river.
My heart like thunder.

Owen January

The Darkness Comes to Light 

The place that is home is the
place in my room where the
light shines so deep, where there
is no darkness, but only light
when it’s dark.  She is with
me, but she will never leave me.
She is my puppy. 

Logan Maxwell 

Words are Like Stingrays

They glide through the water. They
are very calm, but when they
sense danger, they attack.

Aiden Ralston 

Eating Rainbows

I am eating the rainbow
because I love all the
colors. They are so, so, so

Westin Johnson 

Vandergriff Elementary
Fayetteville, Arkansas
Dates of Visit: March 16-17
Faculty Sponser: Marci Tate
Grade Level: 2nd, 3rd, 4th
Appx. Number Students Served: 290
Visiting Writers: Kate Davis, Sarah Barch, Louise Cole, Sam Campbell, Lily Buday, Sophie Trist