Taylor Elementary

Ferocious Lizards 

The lizards are running.
You are in a tree and you
have forgotten where you are.
Lizards are everywhere puffed up,
and open jaws ready to bite.
You saw some type of lizard
that looks away. It’s your
lizard that’s cool and mean.
You are little, and
you are one, too, then you look up,
and you are in a glass
cage eating crickets and
waiting for another. 

Cohen Goodwin 

The Plants Are Gone 

I wonder if it moved by itself? I went
to the store to buy new ones.
I came home and got the
new plants and I went inside. I found
my plants sitting there normally. I
was mad. 

Londyn Langford

Ode to Donkey 

Here he sat,
humming to himself.
His short scruffy fur,
sticking up with static.
His beautiful hazel eyes,
shining in the sun.
Smelling like feet,
yet he decided to sing.
Donkey’s long ears swaying
beautifully in the wind.
His teeth filled with grass,
while singing with his old friends. 

Arianna Ledesma

Theme in All Color 

Dark blue mossy pond,
Green grass forever,
Brown ducks with
Green heads,
Brown shotgun,
Black barrel,
Red and yellow snake,
Green frogs,
Black insects,
Camo waders,
Brown and gray stand,
Black water bugs,
Most importantly, white clouds
and blue sky.

Katelyn Downs 

Mud Riding 

Mud riding is fun.
Mud tastes like dirt.
Mud is brown and watery.
Mud has no sound.
Mud only has a sound when you go through it.
Mud can be ridden through on a four wheeler.
Mud can get you stuck.
Mud can be deep or mud can be shallow.
Mud could sink what you’re driving.
Or mud can let you right through.
You could have to pop a wheelie to get out.
Or not. You could fall in the mud
and have a good swim. Mud could look
shallow, but be really deep and the front
end goes in the mud. Could be like peanut
butter. If you go too deep in the mud you
could drown your four wheeler if you don’t
have a snorkel on it. Mud could be lakes and rivers. Mud is
fun to swim in but doesn’t taste
good. You could sink or lose a $100 bill.
You could lose a phone or a shoe, but when you find it,
it will be brown. 

J Williams

Eating Grass 

The grass was fresh
cut. A little patch was gone. The grass
smelled so good. The birds were singing.
I licked the grass then ate it and
it tasted like dirt. I barked after.
I was walking until I found the best

Lydia Holland

Where I’m From 

I am from trees
from food and goats.
I am from beautiful plants,
from my bed, and 3 siblings.
I am from school and ice cream and it was cold,
from friends and softball and it made the bat
vibrate and my hands. I am from Magnolia
and from swimming in my pool. I am from

Landry Emerson

Ode to Cheese

Here amongst the other food products
lies the yellow goodness known as cheese
with its creamy and fulfilling taste.
It lies here untouched by any mortal, as nobody
is daring enough to purchase it.
As it wastes away on the shelf, it is discarded
and replaced by a new one that is just as
creamy and fulfilling as the original.
But let us not forget about the original
cheese that serves its time on that
shelf, but alas, it wasn’t purchased,
so may it live on in our memories forever.

River Hughes 

Where I’m From 

I am from a lake like
a hook in that fish’s mouth.
I am from a deer stand
running down to go look at
a deer.
I am from the woods
walking out
with one animal.
I am from the mud
walking out dirty. 

Heath Barn

Theme in Black 

To the decorated houses,
to the packed streets,
the dark colored fake spiders hang,
and the black cats roam.
The haunted houses filled with screams
with the rubber bats that hang from the trees.
The sky is pitch black besides the bright full moon.
The children wear ghost and vampire costumes,
gathering candy in their buckets and bags
while teenagers prank the houses with no lights on. 

Autumn Cogbill

Where I’m From 

I am from the batteries
in my clock and the
pothole on Hays Street.
I am from the wood on
the house on my street.
I am from dirt under the
barn door. I am from the
one single mouse that watches
me while I rest. I am
from the lizard that lives
under my wood pile.

Briar Dobbins

Ode to My Cats

Here, at school, I think about you. I think about you
at recess or free time (and only at that time).
I think about your funniness.
I think about your smartness.
I think about your craziness.
All day, all night,
I think about you, my little two friends.
I think all day about my two cats. I think
about when we play with their mouse.
I think when they jump,
they look like they jump at least 10
feet high.
When they can, it’s hard for
them to sleep when they move their mouse.
Patches and Weirdo,
my two dearest friends.

Faith Wilson

Eating the Solar System 

The planets are gone.
I am the size of the galaxy,
dust is spewing out my mouth.
Bits and pieces of planets flout around,
water gushes out of my mouth from Earth.
Pluto was a small morsel compared to Saturn.
I ate the sun, now I’m the largest planet in
the galaxy and the only in the

Sage Matlock  

Eating Homework 

The homework is gone.
Teacher ran after me. I
started to trot, so she
could not catch me.
She got on my
back, and I started to buck her off. She
finally broke me to spit
the homework. 

Stormi Deaton

Theme in Black 

I come in the dead of night
If no light, I am all you see. I am
sometimes used to save kids,
so don’t be scared because
you are not scared of me. You are scared
of what is hidden by me. I am
the darkness everyone is scared of. 

Wyatt Hill

I Am From Daisies

In the backyard
and the front.
I am from a town
where you live off of crispitos.
You snack then go train.
We are not lazy. We play.
We farm. I am from a place
if you don’t have scars
you ain’t loved. Like my
mother had chopped her toe off
with a machete.
We have respect for elders,
but we do not care. 

Nicholis Adamson

Words are Flowers 

Words are flowers.
They live on hills
and stay with spring.
They watch the sky.
Sometimes they come through text
even if they’re hard to see
from flower to flower.
Every word starts something new,
as they watching things go by
and through. 

Hadley Emerson

Theme in Orange

I see the net
with basketballs bouncing around.
I hold the colorful ball,
orange and black flashes by me.
I am called basketball.
I hear whistles blowing
and feel the sweat dripping down my face.
I smell terrible smells as the
guys run past me.
I am an athlete. 

Karlie Keith

Taylor Elementary
Taylor, Arkansas
Dates of Visit: April 6-7
Faculty Sponser: Robby Frizzell
Grade Level: 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th
Appx. Number Students Served: 170
Visiting Writers: Kaitlyn Yates, Elizabeth Muscari, Caitlin Plante, Erin Pinkham