Jacksonville Middle School

Where Will I be Tomorrow?

On a spaceship
Living on the moon
Studying the stars and space.

Rose Garcia

The Robot-Carrie Underwood

I was built to sing better than a hummingbird.
I was created to survive nails being torn out of my house
from an angry tornado.
I look like the sun on a beautiful day.
My core smells like a vanilla scented candle.
I eat off of every beautiful tune.
I am nice like a dog with a bone or a ball.
My insides are made of scrapped music.
I am a robot.

Angela Loomis

Self portrait as Kennedy

I have hair as black as night with streaks
of white like stars. I’m small as an ant and
as dumb as a chair. My favorite food is asparagus
with hot sauce and grape jelly. I only drink
apple juice on stormy days in a pool. I wear
all black clothes and never smile. I enjoy photographing
cups in the cabinet.

Kennedy Pilkinton

Woods Outside

The leaves crunch like crackers
Squirrels jump from branch to branch
Stop and listen
Small creak, water dripping like a loose
Birds chirping noisily like an alarm
A deer lays down in a dry
Patch of grass
Rocks clacking together from
An animal walking.
Sounds of the woods.
At that moment, a bird calls out,
but is replaced with an ambulance
A gun clicking into position, a hunter?
A frog dropping into the leaves,
making a thud, like a cup hitting
The howl of a wolf, but it’s
not dark!

Sarah Elsden


The sun beats down in sparkling
The corn rusts as the wind
Every few hours a car zooms by with a

Eli Linville


A sparkling gray wolf
Chases my chicken

Michael Gitschlag

Self Portrait as Michael

I’m a little grey mouse in a big world.
Everything is huge and I’m afraid.
The smell is sour
and the day is hot.

Michael Reese

We Never Think

we speak whatever we want
yet we never get in trouble
it’s unfair
look at us
a pencil punctures us
like a needle giving us medecine
leaning over books late at night
like we binge studying
a bruise on their face
I made that yesterday
I didn’t and don’t hate you
but I didn’t think about that yesterday

Daniela Romero

Dear Spiderman

I know who you are.
I saw you changing on day in the back of the Holy Moly donut shop.
You was struggling on putting on your suit
Which was pretty sad to look at.
You’re Peter Parker
A kid who was bitten by a spider.
I know, because I was too.

Davionne Green


My name is error. I’m the error that was created.
I have been programmed to be quiet. To be silent
of the things I have seen or experienced.
He’s coming.

Candy Seales

My Phone Family

Beep. Beep.
rang through the walls
a purple peace maker,
trying to calm others
red buzzed blue of the table
ring. ring. ring.
blue fell like a bird trying to fly
hoping to be saved by the peaceful one
the room was still as blue dropped
all he could do was hope
hope not to shatter
he fell and cracked
like a long scar down your body
long and sad
a flight can crack a phone
Beep. Beep.
was heard from the floor.

Nicole Cobb

My Road Family

As we coast along the quiet road
I gaze out through the ropes
Searching for my family
I spot one peeking from within the treeline
The last pear tree, my family

Miya Harris

Jacksonville Middle School
Jacksonville, AR
Dates of Visit: March 12 – 13 2019
Faculty Sponsor: Deborah Lutz
Grade Levels: 8
Appx. Number Students Served: 160
Visiting Writers: Hiba Tahir, Bailey Hutchinson, Claire Pincumbe, Sara Ramey