Root Elementary

The Sun is Gone 

Fire spurts
out of my ears.
Sweat streams
down my cheeks.
I’ve eaten the sun.
It’s nighttime.
So someone get me a firehose!

Caleb Jackson


In the moonlight
I hear her purr
than a
Her eyes
sparkle like
blue stars.
She has soft fur.
She’s black
and gray
and likes to jump.

Mary Cantu

Ode to the Mountains and the Sea

The sea tickles my feet.
The water is cold.
The mountains remind me of washing.

Penelope Beller

 I’m From a Place With Lights

I’m from
a city
with lights.
I’m from
in the
red, white, and blue.
A huge city.
What happens here stays here.

Finley Randall


The worlds are gone.
I can’t see, it’s black.
I smell nothing.
It probably tastes hard.
It is big.
It makes me tired.
I am falling.

Leo Cunningham

I Am From

I’m from a land of cotton and corn stalks.
I’m from a land of trees. I’m from a land of peaches.
I’m from a land of fertilizer. I’m from the land
where mosquitoes bite the most.

Sawyer Keedy

Root Elementary
Fayetteville, AR
Dates of Visit: Nov 3-4
Faculty Sponser: Alissa Bradley
Grade Level: 2nd
Appx. Number Students Served: 90
Visiting Writers: Lily Buday, Sam Campbell, Sophie Trist, Louise Cole