Resource Book (1st Edition)

In 1981, eight years after the WITS began at the University of Arkansas, Buffa Hanse edited the first Resource Book. Compiled before computers, WITS instructors typed up their favorite exercises and turned them in. Then the exercises were alphabetized and copied so that WITS staff members could take them along with them on trips. Because this file was created from photocopies of typed text, it is difficult to read, but the exercises are worth it. A number of these exercises also appear in Making Poems.

An extensive bibliography lists every published poem used as a model for these exercises. You are invited and encouraged to use these exercises either before or after WITS visits your classroom. However, if you do use any of WITS exercises with your students before WITS visits your classroom, please let your trip leader know in advance in order to avoid overlap.

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Betsy Adams, Cindy Chinelly, David Coy, Barbara Cully, Donna Curd, Holly Dunn, Sally Evridge, F. Gaik, John Harney, Curt Harrell, John Haw, William Howell, Keith Hubbard, Peter Klein, Hollistine Kost, Roger Martens, Beverly Mitchell, Morris, Karen Osborn, Gailmarie Pahmeier, Robert Rickert, David Sanders, Moira Saucer, Tom Sauret, Paulette Schmidt, Cam Semelsberger, Karen Steiner, Bob Timberman, and John Van Noate.