Jacksonville Middle School

Dinosaur Optimism

Dinos vary in sizes
Big dinosaurs have large emotions
While small dinos have small
Happy dinos have optimism
While sad dinos have regret
Optimistic dinos will stay happy
So keep them that way
They became extinct in the end.

Jelani Islam


The color black is the best place to hide
to have some alone time
it’s a place with no sound
a dark, peaceful place where you can think
not to it but to ourselves
a place where nothing will ever say a word
or make a sound not even you

Chanecia Cullens

mmm yersh

mmm yersh….. I loved those cookies when I was 7
mmm yersh….. the smell of the fried chicken is so good
mmm yersh….. the taste of the watermelon kool-aid
mmm yersh….. the sound of the bricks clapping at the construction site
mmm yersh,  mmm yersh, mmm yersh

Dyveoon Clark-King

My brother’s friend

One sunny hot day
My brother’s friend was
taking out the trash with</span
long silly socks on
a big blue robe
then he began to
go behind his house
so I got up and
began to follow
him but he walked
mom had told me to
stay near the house
but I didn’t care
I began to lose
him so I’m looking
all over
then I turn
around and he’s right
behind me
scared me
I took off running like
a cheetah in Orlando.

Kanijah Boyd

exponentially better

it’s February
brisk air
it’s class time

he’s scribbling away
combining like terms
mapping coordinates
graphing growth

he’s a real comedian
puns and jokes
stupid pickup lines
he thinks I’m smart

I’m not worried
about being caught staring
he doesn’t notice

besides, it’s not
what he thinks
I’m just marveling in that he can do

better than me,

my homework
blends in with
the gray walls

but his were hung
with an A+
in the top right corner

Kalliope Lowe


The sounds of a car door
slam. Carrying what only luggage
I could bare while getting
to see someone I haven’t
seen since the age of 5.
I walk inside and search
for his location for the 7
days I could spare. But I
hear light whispers coming from
the small back bedroom from
my parents. I listen as if
I was inside of the conversation,
then heard the news. The news
I couldn’t handle. The news
of knowing that he is missing.

Mackenzie Featherston

A Small Kid

When I was young, elementary age,
I was a small kid
Always had to stand on my toes
Always in the front row of school pictures.
I was a small kid with big dreams
Big dreams and a big mind
I felt on top and I wanted to be on top
So that’s where I went
I was a small kid at the top of the playground
the highest point accessible
No one else could reach it
Wind blowing my hair into a curly mess
Giddy, wide smile staring at the sky
Watching hawks glide around
I was a small kid
But my head touched the stars

Solana Williams

Not smart kid

I was five when I came from school
I saw my sister doing her homework
I saw her book without a cover
Put it on my head without thinking
Turned around hit the edge of a desk
I thought I was dead
I woke up with pain in my head
never saw so much blood
I looked in the mirror and saw string
in my head

Mylon Brown


a childers turning into an underwood
the feeling of taking the last step into
my forever home
the small quote that made
my mother cry
why are you here today,
to become a underwood

Gracie Underwood

Jacksonville Middle School 
Jacksonville, AR
Dates of Visit: February 21-22, 2018
Faculty Sponsor: Deborah Lutz
Grade Levels: 8
Appx. Number Students Served: 100
Visiting Writers: Patrick Font, Josh Idaszak, J.T. Mahany, Steven Rybnicek