I am a blind cat, walking aimlessly down a corridor

For every auburn pendant, there is a tuft of fur.
For every talking tree, there is a dying bird.
For every heartbreak, there is a child laughing.
For every number, there is a note.
For every howling wolf, there is a blood red moon.
For every wisp, there is a passageway to light.
For every blazing blue star, there is a white tree that sprouts.
There will be time left to lodge every pendant into
coarse hair, time left to converse with the ancient
tree, time left to mend the heartbreaks that have
been struck, time left to count the numbers and
notes that have been left behind, time left to soothe
the cloudy wolf ’s agony over the disastrous blood red
moon, time left to trail every crystal wisp, to the
passageway to light, time left to wash away the blazing
blue star, and there is time now to aid the white tree, to

Ashley Putney 
Westside High School
Hartman, AR
2013 – 2014 Anthology