Happy Hollow Elementary

Ode to my Mom

From day one I was hers.
She helps me as the days go on.
I love her and she loves me.
This special bond can’t be beat.
The saying goes, “like mother like daughter,”
and that is right.
When I fall down
she helps me back up.
And no one can break us apart—
it is simply impossible.

Olivia Keck


Orange you feel so hot.
Orange you smell so sweet.
Orange aren’t you so pop!
Orange you taste so delightful.
Orange you are so loud.

Kai Betnar


Pink feels like a pillow, it’s so soft.
Pink sounds beautiful, like a hard-earned loaf of bread, grown in the desert
Pink tastes like a marshmallow
Pink looks like a cherry blossom tree
Pink smells like a giant wad of cotton candy

Austyn Leslie


Orange feels like the hot 
summer days with rays 
from the sun heating you up
Orange smells like the apple pies
hard crust starting to burn
Orange tastes like the fresh
mangoes from the market Orange
looks like the orange pencil
I write with Orange sounds
like music, all colorful 
of a feeling. 

Ellie Osborne


Gray feels so bland and uninteresting. 
Gray tastes like tap water ‘cause 
there’s nothing special about it
and sounds like an alarm clock
forcing you to wake up.
Gray looks like solitary confinement.

Townes Bizzell

Ode to My Chicken, Sunny

As I hear my chicken sunny crow
in the silent night, I go to see
why and remember it is the
morning light. 

Hailey Williams 


  1. Cyan feels like chills going up through my arm
  2. Cyan sounds like the ocean waves
  3. Cyan tastes like fresh pickled blueberries
  4. Cyan looks like my favorite outfit
  5. Cyan smells like a blue coconut snow cone

Emilia Jackson

Ode to my Papa

I wake up at my papa’s house
my favorite place to be
and have ice cream for breakfast
like we always do
then we go fishing
on his best friend’s dock
we feed all the fish food
the fish jump out of the 
water and we laugh lots too
we go back to the house and
watch cartoons all night
and repeat it all again

Josslyn Hill 

Happy Hollow Elementary
Fayetteville, AR
Dates of Visit: April 13-14
Faculty Sponsor: Megan Garrison
Grade Level: 3-4
Appx. Number Students Served: 100
Visiting Writers: Ali Hintz, Mar Stratford, Kate Davis, Sam Campbell