Farmington Middle School


The sand I step on, cold but soft. The
clear warm water I stand in. The
rough turtle I touch that is disturbed.
The dirty looking plastic that is taking up the
world. The loud yelling getting to my
ears. The yelping dolphins. The lovely
beach where I belong.

Ellie Morgan

A Dragon

The blues, whites, and the grays blended
smooth, scaly skin like a snakes but made out
of clouds. The gentle but rough wings
glide freely through the air; the
tail of a white, beautiful fan
drag across the sand, and paddle
through the crystal-clear water.
The eyes and the feet of a cat 
are soft marshmallows. Never to
be tamed or separated from nature.

Brooklynn Walker

The Fish in the Sea 

As I taste the
I can feel the oceans
and the seas.
I can see the deep blue
and the coral reefs,
red, yellow, blue, colors that
stretch as far as you can
The saltwater current
crashing into me
as I see the wonders
of the deep blue sea.
The taste of fish is amazing
to me.
From fried fish, sushi,
tuna and salmon.
They all paint a picture
in my mind of
the deep blue sea.
In the sand
treasures can be found.
The taste of fish is
fantastic to me.
They all paint a picture
of the fish in the sea.

Haley Cruz

Quest for an Amethyst

Over mountains
through trees
freshwater rivers
can’t find what I’m looking for
no matter how hard I try
meeting people on the way
looking under rocks
and up on mountaintops
on, where it could it be?
I looked all over the small little town
I looked in the forest
glaciers and caves
but all I could find were pieces of rock
when later I realized
something unique about this rock
it was shiny and gold, glistening in the
I had found myself a piece of
24 karat GOLD!

Audi Taeger

Going to the Garden

Humid summer days in the garden
bright red fruits
the baby blue sky with thin wispy clouds
soft dirt beneath the feet of nature
walking on air going to the garden
long whistles of wind going to the garden
a long stretch to the garden
tangled vines on the trees

Olivia Brown

In the Future 

I arrived in the future and
all I saw was dead trees
I came to one of the people
that maybe was the president
it made butterflies in my
stomach but I told them
about the sickness I told
them about the floods I
told them about the fires
in California I told the
people all about what is
happening they would listen
it was different in the
future I came to my
time and told them
to plant more trees
to make more good air
I told them to try
harder to help the people

Paulina Ramos


I arrived in the future and
there were no trees or grass.
The sky was dark and trash on the
ground. I’ll tell you more but please
beware: there’s only apartments and
fast food places. People had guns and
shooting one another; the cops didn’t
care so they left. All was pavement and
concrete, but what I’m trying
to say is I don’t think we
will survive.

Gabby Keck

Soundtrack for the Universe

Sounds of water
and pianos playing
and a chorus of
and the
the air going

Tiffany Sevenstar

My Cousins Riding

The wind hits our face
It feels like nothing
We loop around the gravel
with a huge puddle on the road
The water hits our feet and the engine
We make so many memories just riding
The day is done, but we are not. We want more.
We sleep and by daybreak we are back
at it all year long.
Loving life and riding. 

Annsley Lutrell

Soon home

I am from the ice cold
water every night.
From the school by the graveyard
I am from the Friday family movie
From the Christmas story by the
I’m from the middle house on the
street bricked and stoned with love
and joy in the cracks.
From the smell of hot cocoa.
From the taste of the smore in
my mouth.
I’m from the cement driveway
with everybody gathered around in
a circle with joy.

Tessa Cross

Where I’m From

I come from street lights with yellow lighting. I come
from neighbors on a lot of different streets. I come from
having one sibling. From my sister hurting my feelings
to being nice to me. From listening to old music
in the car. From birds in the sky flying over
my head.

Abbey Clevenger

Farmington Middle School
Farmington, AR
Dates of Visit: November 9-10
Faculty Sponsor: Ginny Luther
Grade Level: 5
Appx. Number Students Served: 162
Visiting Writers: Vasantha Sambamurti, Audrey Scrafford, Shalini Rana, Sidney Thomas, Samantha Campbell, Josh Luckenbach, Elizabeth Muscari, Ali Hintz