Springhill Elementary School

The Calling Tree

The Trees are dancing in the calming wind.
The trees are whispering my name when night falls.
The trees are singing the key to my heart.
they are angels on earth, that await me.

Maison Fells


Shadows taste like black coffee.
Shadows taste like an unripe watermelon.
Shadows taste like burning coal that will never end.
Shadows taste like a bitter cake.
Shadows taste like the dark
cake that covers the night.

Jill Freeman

The Empty Space

The empty space can hold my book
The empty space can hold a big glass of Water
The empty space can hold me
The empty space can hold a car
The empty space can hold nothing.

Hunter Yarberry

A Book

A book is covered with words,
a book is a train that could
stop at any time, a book
murmurs secrets all the
time, a book is an impossible
mystery you can’t solve, a book
is always tattooed in your

Ava Roberts

The Blueberry’s Sensation

The blueberry broke its
sensation, but it triumphantly
got up. Its sensation was throbbing.
It went to the nurse and
absorbed all the ice packs.
The blueberry was a true
hero. He was melancholy.

Mattie Fuller


One head is for sensitivity.
He cries when he’s sad and pouts
when he’s mad. Niceness. the second
>head is for niceness. He’s nice on your
b-day and kind when he’s in a good
mood. Lastly, Anger. His third head is for
anger. He’s mad when someone is
mean or when he gets something
wrong. His 3 heads make him who he


Springhill Elementary School
Alexander, AR
Dates of Visit: November 20-21, 2019
Faculty Sponsor: Leslie Smith
Grade Level: 5
Appx. Number Students Served: 90
Visiting Writers: Joy Clark, Samantha Kirby