Ezster Takacs

IMG_0613Eszter Takacs is a 4th year MFA candidate in poetry. Originally from Hungary and a speaker of her native language, she has spent most of her life in Los Angeles, where she studied creative writing and also picked up a working knowledge of vehicular decor and mechanics working as a fancy rim and tire saleshuman for several years. She is the author of the chapbooks Together We Will Talk Right Down to Earth (The New Megaphone: 2014) and The Spectacular Crash (H_NGM_N Books: 2013). Her individual poems have appeared or are forthcoming in Salt Hill, Yalobusha Review, Forklift Ohio, Sonora Review, Alice Blue, Smoking Glue Gun, Ghost Proposal, Ampersand Review, Coconut, Prelude Magazine, Barn Owl Review, Hot Metal Bridge, Soft Blow, Sink Review and Inter|rupture. She is also the recipient of scholarships and grants from The Ashbery Home School, Art Amiss and the Juniper Institute. As a graduate teaching assistant, she has taught various composition, literature and creative writing courses and she looks forward to a career in writing instruction. She loves bringing poetry into WITS classrooms and drawing from these refreshing experiences in her own work. She believes that these young students see the world in a fresh unfettered way and that their potential for brilliance is best drawn out by WITS poem-making rule #5: BE WEIRD! It is her favorite poem-making rule in the world. Beautiful and imaginative lines from WITS poems often haunt her (in a good way) for months as she tries to unravel the source of their magic.