Arch Ford Education Service Cooperative

What I Mean When I Say Recess

When the pencil flows, and the table
shakes, the timer goes off and we stop
for the recess bell. When it goes off, our
ears ache! So we quickly line up. As
we go outside, the breeze flows through all
the girls’ hair, everyone rushing towards the swings
the boys play kick-ball all recess, sweaty
when coming inside, we get back to work. The
days almost over, I thought to myself,
struggling to still write. And then my pencil
lead broke.

Aria Robinson
Greenbrier Eastside Elementary


Behind the tall grass,
the lion gets
ready to pounce
its prey. Deer
comes by, and
the lion
with very much
the deer got away.
Behind the tall grass
not anymore he
goes behind
the grass, but
pounces from the
top of a tree.

Andy Le
Greenbrier Eastside Elementary

The Theme of Green

By spring I’m green,
by winter I’m bitter.
Kids look up to me.
I look down.
I don’t know my purpose.
This is the life of a tree.
But that’s not all.
There are times where
it is like that but when wind
comes. Me and my friends
like that.

Parker Coffman
Greenbrier Westside Elementary

Theme in Rainbow

All the time, everywhere, joy flies.
At this time of year, eggs
are everywhere. Baskets upon baskets
full of eggs are sitting around in the
grass of the weeds on a hot summer
day. All the kids dye eggs, and
eat candy from other very
colorful eggs they collect. It’s
always happy this time of the year,
so all the kids cheer! And
the next day, you can hear how hyper
the kids are.

Aria Robinson
Greenbrier Eastside Elementary

The White Cat

So much depends upon
the white cat and the blue eyes,
in the white snow
with the loud crackling
noise, with the birds
chirping in the morning,
in the bright sunshine,
with all the beautiful
Christmas trees and
all the decorations just
making me feel

Brynn Littell
Wonderview School District

The game with the boys in pink jerseys

A summer ago we played a game fearlessly. Winning was the only option. It was against our arch rivals, the boys in pink jerseys. It was a double header at their house. The coach had set the starters for the second game. He wanted us to be well rested. We came out like never before, hungrier than ever for a win. They took game one as we sat and watched our backups fall apart. The pure satisfaction we took in taking the smirk off their undefeated faces was like no other. The score was tight in the top of the fourth down. One point. We knew we had to score or the game was over. The 8, 9, and 1 hole were up. 8 struck out. 9 walked. I was up at the plate. First pitch. Whack! The pitcher hit me. The second time that game I was on first, my buddy on second with the 2 hole up to hit. I had just stolen second and my buddy on third. Full count. The umpire called out. We were moving on the pitch, whacking the ball to second. Me and my friend both advanced, but it was an out. 2 outs the leading run at third tied at 7. The first pitch was a strike on the second pitch. The catcher missed the ball, and the coach told me to stay, but I knew I had it. I darted toward the plate and scored. Our fans went crazy. We knew we had won the game. We walked out on the field and shut them out.

Landen Harness
Guy-Perkins High School

The Standard

Long delicate dresses and smooth, silky hair,
speaking softly with a voice that never swears.
Skin clearer than water, smoother than silk,
pretty blue eyes and a figure that’s almost frail,
picking wildflowers and baking pies.
Not being bold, going the crowd,
sitting up straight never slouching,
Acting properly,
being a young lady.

Ivy Fielder
Guy-Perkins High School

December 25th 

The red and green
colors covered the room
like Christmas cookies’
icing. The cold, brisk air
touched my face, making
it cold. The snowflakes
pricked my arm like little
needles. The Christmas
tree looked like the sun,
bright as a star, but also
colorful like a rainbow.
The presents felt smooth,
like the desktops at
school. I peeled open a
present, finding a
puppy! I screamed
out, “Yaaay!”
Merry Christmas!
Have a jolly day!

Adalyn Hogan
Guy-Perkins Elementary


Under the world
the dragon lies down,
under the world.
He breathes at once
and lets out fire.
Sleeping on obsidian,
a dragon lays,
lazily pawing
at his tail.
He turns
and tosses.
The dragon is talking
in his sleep!

Greenley Nicholson
Greenbrier Wooster Elementary

Tangled Up

Left foot red, right hand yellow.
Right foot blue, left hand in the air.
I’m tied with all my limbs,
and my limbs are all tired.
I don’t think this game can ever stop.
Why couldn’t we just play UNO or Sorry?
Around and around the hand spins to torture me more.
I must stay in the air, like a cloud.
Oh, no. . . it landed on Spinners Pick . . . 

Lacey Farris
Greenbrier Westside Elementary

Where I’m From

I’m from Florida.
I am from a swampy hot place.
I am from low land.
I come from a busy, pretty place.
A perfectly sunny place.

Kylie McIntosh
Greenbrier Westside Elementary

Where I’m From

I’m from the ice cream shop
down the street.

I’m from the fields with the
cow patties.

I’m from the backyard with
the trees and the birds.

I’m from the creeks with
the mud and crawfish.
I’m from my family.

Jaden Carter

Arch Ford Education Service Cooperative
Plumerville, AR
Dates of Visit: Nov 16-17
Faculty Sponser: Candace Smith
Grade Level: 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11 & 12
Appx. Number Students Served: 140
Visiting Writers: Sam Campbell, Kait Yates, Sarah Barch, Sylvia Foster