Lamar Middle School

The Squirrel

The squirrel drops
a nut so now I have
a nut.

Ayden Sanders

Three Little Pigs

Dumbstruck, staring at the rubble
where architecture
used to stand, tall, wide, and now

Emma Gilmer

A Different Snow White

Seven Dwarves, you are
starting to really make
me exhausted. Like it’s
nice y’all are letting
me stay here and
all but like y’all got
to learn how to cook
like now because there
is only one of me
and seven of you
and beauty doesn’t
come from working
it comes from beauty sleep.

Allison Ober

Rapunzel’s Wish

Mother may I go out and pick
flowers? This place is like a hole
eating you up. Every time I go
down the stairs I feel like a wolf
is stalking me in the distance and
it is going to attach me from an
angle. I am bored of painting, it
feels like I am cursed to paint
all my life!

Chloe Chamberlin

The Galaxy

I’m here in a black
galaxy it’s not that dark
it’s actually pretty its purple
pink blue and other colors
I love it here but the wind
and the stars the wind
is like a loud boom the
stars are like a soft little
bag it’s nice I could
just live here then the
colors they’re soft like a
clock ticking but the black
is louder than ever
it hurts my ears I
think I need to get out
of here.

Zoey Pace


I went and killed a
deer. My mom cooked
It. And my family ate.

Michael Watson

Ode to my Past

my sister braids my hair
after my shower.
my mother braided my hair
when I was six oh such great memories.
through the tangles your hand goes
my hair sliding through your fingertips.
don’t hit oh don’t leave I need you.
oh how it felt to have her braid my hair.
thank you sis but I miss mom
she had such soft hands my tangles would
be gone by one touch of her hand.
my sister braids my hair.

Mackenzie Hatfield

Me as a Llama

I hear the small
giggles and laughter
of children as I see their
faces full of joy. The chubby hands
holding out the feed I could
smell from a mile away.
Their small hands touching
my thick coat made me
smile, my smile making them
laugh. Even though the feed
tasted like moldy hay, I still
scooped it from their hand. Sometimes
I would stand out by the back of
my pen to feel the cool wind peaking
out from the crack of my partially
broken window.

Layla Baxter

The Music

The karaoke nights we really
jumped into the rhythms of our songs.
The nights we sang at the
top of our lungs
screeching to a beat and
hoarse in the mornings.
The nights we sang and
thought it would be fun to dance
so we did.
Thrashing like animals,
our eyes closed,
running into furniture,
and gasping for air.
The nights we danced
we ran out of breath,
and were hoarse.
The nights we
screamed like banshees
completely out of tune
but it sounded good to us.
Growing up,
getting older,
and voices changing.
We can’t quite hit those high notes
but still, we
screech and dance and gasp for air
our voices cracking
and blaring through the house,
out the door,
the good times,
the music.

Bella Weber

The Salamander

I shoot the basketball and hit the
board the goal sways back and forth
only to knock it over revealing a salamander
the next thing I knew the salamander was
being eaten by a snake and the only thing I see
is the sadness in its eyes.


The NC Ocean

Salty air was all I tasted
my feet hot from the scorching sand.
“Go on it won’t hurt” Mother said
My mind was confused.
How could it not hurt, what if I
fail. Suddenly a pair of cold hands
touched my back. I fell into the salty
sea. The water burned my eyes. I felt
like a small bug under a shoe.
I faintly hear screams. “Relax” says
one. “I think she’s dead” says
another. I think of breathing the
bitter air once more. I move my
arms in a forward motion. Once
more I hear, the voices. But salty
air was all I tasted.

Jaicee Sayer

My dream about a BBQ Snake

I ride along the dusty tree lined road,
Where my old, old, home used to be.
In my grandma’s vibrant red car.
Suddenly, the car stops.
I am taken out with a slither and a hiss.
The snake wears a chef’s hat and apron.
He is as tall as six hundred squirrels stacked.
Bound with ropes, I bargain for life.
His family is hungry.
The coals are hot. The sauce is mild.
It was only my dream about the BBQ snake.

Emma Pearson

My dream about the roses

They were a bright and violent red,
seen from far away, even at night.
They were a secret from the town
for they were once of a kind, with
Their sweet smell that awoke me from
my dream about the roses.

Josie Thomas

One oversized hawk

When I walked in my
house I heard such a
clatter that I had to
run upstairs and climb
up the ladder to my attic
and when I stepped in
I saw it a hawk the
size of my attic and
I decided immediately
that he could have my

Trenton Qualls

Depressed Weed

The sun is shining
As bright as my heart
The wind is whispering
“Just give up!”
I won’t get picked
Not today
My heart won’t be willed
With dismay
They’ll never pick me
I won’t give up

Carson Freeman

I Must Get Away

I run through the forest
to get away
away from the stinky, noisey, polluted city,
I see beautiful butterflies
Beautiful birds too
But I must run
Must get away
Smells of grasses and trees
Sights of ponds
Ponds with great flowing water
I can’t stop to see
I must get away

Caiden Woods

A Journey Home

The first day on my journey back
home and I’m already tired
I feel as if my legs are on
I keep searching and searching to
find my way home, but instead
I find something more beautiful.
I look up and see the shimmering
stars shining above me.
They twinkle and blink and
make me feel as if I’m not alone
on my journey.

Elli Ballard


When it snows my petals stay
frozen with despair care you
do not about about one tiny plant
you kick you cut you poison
our faith I can’t tell you apart
from evil or evil but somehow
the good will of heart helps us
service and for that I am

Jonathan Streithorst

Lamar Middle School
Lamar, AR
Dates of Visit: January 24-25, 2019
Faculty Sponsor: Jennifer Hignite
Grade Levels: 5, 6, 7
Visiting Writers: David Brunson, Landon McGee, Mackenzie McGee, Hiba Tahir, Sara Ramey, Peter Mason, Kaitlyn Yates, Victoria Hudson