South Side Elementary School


Its green looks like a tree
The pain when I touched it
It makes me feel lonely
It stands there all alone
like a man in a desert

Ben Hutto

The city of flowers

It smells like flowers
By the park I
see pinecones hang
down from the tree
I hear cars going over the Arkansas
River, and the birds chirping. I
taste the cold ice cream that
I bought on the corner.

Stefany Collins

Ode to ramen noodles

Before cooked, it’s a hard bland crunchy
square. After cooked, it’s soft and has a
taste I cannot place. Add some salt and
soy sauce and you have perfection. My first
memory of ramen noodles was when my brother
first made me some. Ramen noodles helped me through good and bad
and still do.

Abigail S. Bramlett

In The City of Dr. P…

In the city of Dr. Pepper you
can hear slushing sounds. You can
touch the can and it feels
like happiness. It tastes wet,
when I see it. I just
feel awesome because it looks so good.

Abbi Ausbrooks

The outside noises

Watching my friend roaring
With drums in the basement.
While I’m outside hearing wind chimes
as I’m listening to the radio.

Lee Sours


The spring in my room it’s
hot in my room vines are growing
up my room walls flowers blossoming
on my bed grass growing on my
floor the leaves have drops of water
on them butterflies and bees
flying around my room the
petals are soft the bees
are making a buzzing sound
in my room, spring.

Destiney Raeder

Rainbow mint

A peppermint and a rainbow met
at a Christmas party.
The rainbow lost its color
The peppermint grew too many colors.
A rainbow mint.
They talked a lot but soon they were not friends
The rainbow was white and black
The mint rainbow.
The mint said he would give his colors to
the rainbow and he did.
The rainbow grew colors and they became
friends again. They told each other every
thing. Even who they loved. Rainbow loved the vanilla.
Peppermint lied and said he loved glacier but
really it was rainbow.

Kristine Downes


In the city of Starbucks you constantly smell
coffee and cake pops. You see a tall
building that says cake pop capital. People
walking around giving samples of warm mouth-
watering mocha cappuccinos. You hear people talking
about the new place called Vanilla Bean

Brooklyn Cullum


Wolves, their yellow gleaming eyes and big
paws that help them run and hunt. Their
big ears that help them hear the
slightest movement. Wolves that
make you feel brave and free.
Wolves that remind you to stay
brave and stand tall.

Jewel Walley

Ode to ice cream

On hot summer days when I was
a little child you would cool my
mouth down when I thought I was
going to have a heat-stroke. When you
fall off a cone onto the concrete
sidewalk you still even look delicious,
but you would look more delicious if you
weren’t covered with germs. But you
are still a delicious snack, every
day of the year. Especially with chocolate

Maggie Force

The city of underwater

The current goes down
a long path of endless azule
coloring. A fish fighting to get
free from a drowning net.
Then a helping hand reaches down.

Chase Goodson

Everything I didn’t get to write about…

  1. Who made the first poem
  2. What did the first alphabet look like
  3. How did the letter s become the 2b letter
  4. Why do we go to school
  5. How did the school get built
  6. Why do sloths sleep all day
  7. Why do monkeys like to climb trees
  8. What did this school look like before
  9. Why do we have wars and battles

Kenley Holland

South Side Elementary School
Bee Branch, AR
Dates of Visit: April 26-27, 2018
Faculty Sponsor: Elizabeth Boyce
Grade Levels: 5, 6
Appx. Number Students Served: 80
Visiting Writers: Anthony Blake, David Brunson, Elizabeth DeMeo, Landon McGee