Pottsville High School


Mondays are cups of tea without the sugar,
As the days go on the tea gets sweeter.

Katelyn Woolf

How I Arrived

1. She flew from the roost
to the mountain of Ice
and carved me from crystal.
2. I grew underground
in a cave filled with daffodils.
3. I fell from an apple tree.
4. I burned in the ashes
rising like a whale from the depths.
5. They carried me to the river
and sent me on my way.
6. He slew the great beast
and from its scaly hide
I was torn loose
and smelted down.

Beverly Reaves


this morning I woke up & swallowed a sparrow
sparrows, I have to be honest, taste like chicken
chicken, however, is much easier to find
finding a sparrow is like finding your lost,
twice-removed great aunt
your aunt who wanted a wedding invitation.
invitations should not be sent on facebook,
mom said
mom said that’s rude.
rude is moving to Canada with your third
your third husband who isn’t on facebook
facebook isn’t good for many things.

Gracie H.

Pineapple Pizza

We were like children, fighting over pointless
things, but making up in the end.
We were like ripped jeans, hanging on by a
thread, but hanging on nevertheless.
We were like the moon and the sun,
shining at different times but together.
We were like pineapple on pizza, trying to
make it work, but it just doesn’t in the end.

Skylar Campbell


I woke up this morning and I swallowed a sparrow.
Sparrows find weird ways to die.
Dying is something everyone faces, but I wonder if animals
feel the same.
Similarities are easy to find in the small world we live in.
Living in a small world can be good but it can be scary.
Scary…such a nonchalant term. I have no fear.
Fears are useless. What does fear do for your reality.
Reality can be mistaken easily for dreams in Hollywood.
Hollywood needs help.
Help doesn’t always come in time.
Time is an abstract concept that has no identity.
Identity can be scary…who am I?
I am the sparrow.

General White

Honey Badger

What’s important to know is that only you can control
the outcome of a goal.
If someone tells you that you can’t do something
prove them all wrong until it satisfies you.
People told LeBron James he could never live up to the hype.
LeBron continues to strive for greatness and to be the best there ever was.
He’s a honey badger.
He doesn’t stop until his prey stops.
The honey badger may not even stop after dominating its prey.
He keeps hunting.
You are the honey badger.

Seth Gatlin

Pottsville High School
Pottsville, AR
Dates of Visit: April 9-10, 2018
Faculty Sponsor: Andrea Hooper
Grade Levels: 12
Appx. Number Students Served: 34
Visiting Writers: Joy Clark, Madeline Vardell