Ledbetter Intermediate School

The truth about
the ice cream man

The ice cream man makes homemade ice cream.
The ice cream man loves his Job.
The ice cream man never lies about the ice cream.
The ice cream man is a mean guy.
The ice cream man is a sweet chocolate

Erika Clanton

fixing B fixing

I am bored and I’m drowning
in the heat as I watch my
sweaty dad fixing his bicycle
on a drowning hot summer
day. The heat tastes terrible
like red peppers that are on
fire I can smell his sweaty
face I am touching my dad’s
sweaty beat up shoulder.
It reminds me of when I
got bullied on a hot day
or how I wished I could
have disappeared it’s like I’m
in coals of fire burning in
the summertime. I turn

Caitlin Eary

Cries of the Autumn Winds

The heat of dawn in autumn
The blood red cardinals singing
Old style cars driving along the road
And engineers working hard for a new
Everyone disappears in the sight
of the engineers.
No sound except for the cries of the
All quiet
The different lives strike me like a bullet.
How does it feel with no sight of
How does it feel working hard
for one building.
How does it feel with just the
cries of the Autumn winds.

JP Garcia

The Focused Fainter

It was a hot day
Really trying to capture
All the picture of the man
Focusing like never before
sweat rolled down his face
Scorching while boiling in the open
Only one small breeze passed by
Pants came from his breathless soul
In and out his chest went
All of a sudden everything stopped
The man lay down on the grass
Spread out like butter on toast
The man had fainted from the heat
And no one saw him except for me.
I will always remember him
Walking home from a long day.

Allen May

The writer

I walked outside only to hear humming.
I looked around for I could not see anyone.
then, a small distance away, I saw my cousin.
I slowly walked up to her only so close. I heard
her humming grow, and grow. I stopped, hoping
she was unaware of my presence then I saw her
writing a story on the porch.
I started thinking about how
I would love to be the paper. Not to
be silly but to hold the adventure that anyone
could create. Sitting and knowing that I am
being put to good use. To know that
I carry the journey that everyone wants
to go on. To know, I mean something.

Kaylen Phillips

Ledbetter Intermediate School
Farmington, AR
Dates of Visit: April 4-5, 2018
Faculty Sponsor: Nicole Geopfert
Grade Levels: 5
Appx. Number Students Served: 60
Visiting Writers: Joshua Idaszak, David Priest