Springhill Elementary School


The sea, so blue.
The waves cover the truth of the deep sea.
I think of the secrets I’ve kept and the lies I’ve told.

Ivana Wang

Raccoon in the Trash

The raccoon dug through the
trash. Wonder if I will ever do

Baron Stiefvater

Good Bye

The stars in the sky.
Disappear behind the rising sun.
Good bye!

Harrison Key


I thought they were normal beans. I threw them out.
The stomping of feet. The giant green beanstalk.
I grabbed the axe. Having read the story. Now we have lumber. Good
money. No more beans.

Carter Hageny

Bull Man

He travels through the state
with his head dragging across
the ground he told me
that he was in Mississippi
yesterday, he yelled he
said he was running with
a herd when he got
kicked out because he
was a weak one, he
cooks with some
scraps to make
a fire, his feet
were jacked up
he said he is
going to the
west he said
he will come

Mekhi Ray

The Chicken Sandwich

the chicken falls out
so I just eat it

Caden Mulford

Springhill Elementary School
Alexander, AR
Dates of Visit: September 26-27, 2018
Faculty Sponsor: Leslie Smith
Grade Level: 5
Appx. Number Students Served: 110
Visiting Writers: David Brunson, Josh Luckenbach