Happy Hollow Elementary School


WHAT IF your bed was a t.v.
you would get to watch t.v. Although
it would not be great, just think all
the bright lights shining in your face
you would get no sleep and imagine the
hard screen on your back you would
be hurting all over.

Surnia Foster


Summer is like having
your body melt to the
ground and turn into
slime! It is like the
wind will not blow any
more. It is like the
cold water turns warm.
Like there are no more
pools to swim in. It is
like your blood turns
to boiling water.

Sarah Bubb

My dreams

I dreamed that I was named paper.
I dreamed that I could not eat.
I dreamed that there was a little pond with a cat in it and
I saved it.
I dreamed by best friend changed schools.
I dreamed that there were so many of me but they
were all blue and red and different colors.
I dreamed everyone in the world was my family.

Blakely Maxwell

The park

The park has an upside-down tree.
The park is a circle.
The past has some weeds that have never been cut.

Whitley Booth


Sunrise, sunset, midday on
the beach, paths, ways, sand. Birds,
just hours for the birds. Time can’t
come time can only leave. The
moon came out the sound washed
away, time ran out, the birds,
well they went extinct.

Molly Miller


Fairies have wings that can fly
Fairies go in circles
They go round and round

If you look very close you will
See the fairies’ dust it is yellow

Lemley Robinson

The Birds

The Birds are flying left and right then up, down,
up, down, looping now they’re flying north south west east
the south now they’re almost there feeling the wind in their
faces nighttime in their nest . . . morning flying south
next at their destination the warmest nest

Lily Bryles


little droplets fall from the
sky like tiny bullets and
when you ice skate it is
like soaring in the sky like
a bird all the trees freeze
and frost winter is beautiful.
polar bears as white as
snow the ice frosts in
the atlantic the ice looks
like little crystals put

Leigh-Anna Looney


I am a lion
I can smell my prey
I can see it in the distance
As I try to get it, it runs away
I feel wind blow as it starts to rain
It’s time to go home I thought.

Kennedy Bridges


hopping hopping
cube cube
cute cute
flute flute
glide glide
woke woke
plate plate
pride pride
reptile reptile
naptime naptime
mistake mistake
tadpole tadpole



I am molded in a box.

I am not a lump.

I am painted rainbow.

I am outside.

I am made by a person.

I am out in the garden.

I am not a person though.

I was made with hands.

I am outside for decoration.

I am clay.

Outside smells like butterflies.

I feel bricks under me.

I see grass with ants.

Jasmyne Berrios

Jack and the Mean Stock

It was like climbing a never
ending rope and then I saw a
black hole to nothingness but
something lurked beyond it
then I lost grip and fell

Kate McCord


You can hear the running water flowing
across the pebbles, and the forbidden beast
roaring from the zoo, and the taste of the
fresh air, and the moss growing on
the rocks, and my Dad calling for me
to get in the car and go home, and
then when you got a view of it, it
was very special.

Lennon Durchman

The Cave

Many water drops everywhere, and the
running water in between my fingers, the tie-
dye oil sticking to my hands, the echoing and
whispering coming from it, and a magenta color
from the cave reflective of the sun, rough and smooth
textures from the rocks also.

Lennon Durchman

Probably person

Great person, great person, great person.
This person needs to be grounded. This
person learns his lesson, but he is still grounded.
I wanted to know if this is fine, and yes of course.

Leo Yu


The winds blow through my when I
breathe. But when I sit in front of fire, I
feel this huge pain. When I go to the
beach it feels so good to lay in the
sun. Or feels so soft to jump into the

Sam Fusco

the truth about cats

Cats live nine lives.
When they scratch you on purpose that
means he’s nice. If a cat eats hair
it will spit out gold. A cat can drive
a car. It is safer for a cat to fall
from a high place than a low place.

Remy Pahl

The truth about dogs

Did you know that dolphins can grow wings
and eventually fly. Did you know that cats
can eat a spoon in three seconds. Did you
know that squirrels can do curious tricks,
did you know that they stick their tongues out
when they are thirsty.

Myah Haney


Teal is the color of the waves
Teal is the color of my new
Jeans and the pretty diamond
but today tears are driving
down my face the rain
Is here there is a tornado
A really bad tornado
and I’m sad

Laila Swopes

The R

Dear R, you are so grace-
ful. You are the first letter
of my name and you are the
last letter in my last name.
I hope you can run fast
because the letter Y will flip
over and chase you down.
But if you stay in your
house Y will not get you.
So I’d say stay in your house.
Run and lock your door.
Make a cake and smell
it for some random reason.

Reya Napier


A mammal
on 4 legs
like gazelles

Karen Ramirez


The leaves are on the tree
it rains the leaves fall off the tree
I had a dream about a tree

Callie Chalmers


As I ride my bike on the sidewalk
I think of a sunset and it is there
My dog comes and sits with me as the sun goes down.

Chanie Julich

My Dog’s bark

My dog’s bark is
like a tomato stuck
in your mouth.
Like a sour voice trying
to sing.
Like a really bad
smell going inside
your throat.
I think the worst
part is a whole
bunch of sour ladies
trying to sing.

Shelsea Moke

Happy Hollow Elementary School
Fayetteville, AR
Dates of Visit: October 23-24, 2018
Faculty Sponsor: Crissa Mitchell
Grade Levels: 3, 4
Appx. Number Students Served: 184
Visiting Writers: Samuel Binns, David Brunson, Andrew Butler, Elizabeth DeMeo, Landon McGee, Claire Pincumbe, David Priest, Steven Rybnicek