Vandergriff Elementary


The whole universe
Is not only big and strong
But can be tiny

Jessica Liao

The Zoo

There is a zoo with lots of
animals you can see elephants
splashing in mud and making
trumpet noises all around and
squirting water out of their
trunks. Turtles thrive all over
the place going very slow
trying to find their shell and
slowly getting food. Pandas climbing
on trees so they can get
leaves to eat. Penguins waddling
to get food so they can have
yummy fish to eat. Zebra
those fast zebras run run run
as fast as they can so they
hypnotize their predators.

Sebastian Pierce

My Bedroom

pink as cotton candy.
crisp air like fresh apples.
bed made from butterflies.
stuffed animals made from fresh cotton.
dog bed where my dog sleeps.
a night light made by fireflies.
a blue and white pillow for my tired self.
the TV that pops at midnight.
the pretty nail polish drawer by my bed.
the door that creaks at night.
the fan rotating as I shiver.
the baby clothes that smell like clouds.
5 posters neon as a waking.

Katherine Skinner

If I were a bucket

As I rest tied to an almost broken rope,
I hear leaves crunching under feet,
The breeze pushes against my rusty metal body,
The creatures grab the rusty handle to push me down,
As I land deep in the wet cold water,
I feel as if I’m drowning,
The rough water pushing me side to side,
Being banged against the hard cobblestone,
But I finally got brought back up,
The sun beaming into my body,
I’m soaking wet up in the dry land,
but I know it will happen many times

Serena Gilbert


Like a spring bouncing up,
Spiral waterslide coming down,
Your body made out a spiral,
You see you’re going twisty turny,
Drizzle, drizzle pop!
You see it moving like slop
slurp slurp gulp down your milk
like a rhino through the silly straw.

Hayden O’Farrell


As I pull a sticker off of some paper
and stick it on my hand I start to wonder
could it stick on my hand forever and pull of my skin?
When I stare at my puppy sticker
I start to realize that a puppy would never do that.

Presley Johnson

Things to Save

I would like to save the memories we had when
we spent summer days at the beach together. I would like
to save the memories of going to Disney World
and having the hot, beaming sun touch our arms
while running around chasing each other. I would like
to save the great days at the baseball field cheering you on,
I would like to save the memories of us having boxing matches
and ending up with a knocked out tooth and a bloody nose. If I
could bring those memories back, I would.

Ella Elkins


humans use their laser
swords slashing back, and forward.
they hit a little yellow circle
over a space ship trapper. they
hit this little yellow circle. they
never stop. I think they might
be fighting.

Henry Foster

Five Directions To My House

1. The giant purple cactus
was in the hot desert.
2. Old green couches were
3. Inside the cactus I
hear a loud BEEP BEEP.
4. A rhino was smashing
the cactus with its horn.
5. Go West 300,000
steps then dig down
30 feet then turn left
and kick the wall.

Andrew Simmons

One Day A Man

was walking and he said
there needs to be more
light. So he did this
in the night, he could
not see, so he stole
the King’s diamonds and
formed them into a ball
and threw them into the
and now it is the moon.

Nate Russell

The Trumpet

Everyone likes the guitar.
Do they know than I
can be golden too?
I’m great I make the
sound of fire.

Esther Foster

Everything I didn’t get to write about

rainbows in Spain
unicorns in trees
glitter in books
the texture of hair
names in Uganda
money in Ireland
why olives are green and black
why do narwhals have horns
The Bermuda Triangle

Lauren Alley


I am a penguin
so slippery, but so strong
sliding down a hill.

Austyn Shipman


I stand in a corner in
a bright room with children
all around me. I start to wish
I was in a barn, with gentle
care and happiness. A child
comes closer, pressing on my
keys, and singing. I remember
how I was in a barn once,
with a couple that donated
me. I wish I was there.

Liza Carter

If I Swallowed A Rainstorm

If I swallowed a rainstorm
I would turn as big as a plump juicy
blueberry. If I swallowed a rainstorm
I would look like a blue round potato.
If I needed to go to school I would
roll into my classroom. I wish I
wouldn’t have swallowed a rainstorm
because my basketball team needs me.

Charis Terry

The Colorful Bear

A Bear: fat. Colorful. A cook.

A Bear: gross tree bark. Crunchy and

A Bear: Wet flip flops when

a soft pillow.

Bacon and eggs.

Cameron Fink


1. First exit the building then find the following
items: a large tin can, a small battery, two wires, and three small
2. Once you have found those items you will
also need a pot, water, a stove, four long grass blades,
an object smaller than the tin can and jello.
3. Using the objects from direction one, you
will need to assemble it, take the tin can and
poke two holes in it, connect the wires to the battery,
thread the wires through the holes and connect to
the buttons.
4. Using the ingredients from step two, boil the
water and place the items in the pot then
drink it, yes drink it, then you will find you have
shrunk, enter the tin can but before you do
hold the buttons down for five seconds then
quickly enter the can and wait, after five minutes
and exit, and you will find yourself on the planet.

Cameron Fink

Lions in Ghana

The lions are red in Ghana and are
shaped like diamonds and live in a hilly
sahara with tall trees that always blow
in the wind and all the lions love the

Joseph Anum


The sky in Fiji is a bright shade
of silver. All the trees are shaped like pumpkins.
At exactly 8:59 a.m. the field of palm trees will
turn into the field of Blue Bell ice cream. On the
second Tuesday of the 9th month in the year
of the monkey the wind will smell like wet dog
and will sound like a whale. When you turn
on your car the engine will sound like an

Hadley Wagstaff

Evil Eva

Evil Eva has pointy teeth and
lives in my hand. She says a lot of
mean things to me like, “It’s not
18 dummy, it’s 17!” She hates everything.
Evil Eva’s best friends are my fingers.
She always has black eyeshadow on
and has curly grey hair. She loves
the darkness because when she is in
the sun she melts into cottage cheese
but when she is in the dark she comes
back as Evil Eva. She has a hobby
of scaring people. That is all about
my disturbing person who lives in
my hand.

Lauren Taylor

Tangy Orange

an elephant
racing to get his food with
his short and stubby legs.

leaves going crazy
on a tree on a windy day

an ice cream cone on
a really hot day.

the puffy fur on
a polar bear in the north

the salty nest of
the popcorn at the movie

Isabelle Turner

I’ve heard…

Far away in Turkey I’ve heard all their cupcakes
are black colored.
I heard in Greece some people have octagon
shaped heads.
I went to Egypt and they had snow on top
of the sphinx.
I went to Spain and since someone left their sink
on too long, it was flooding!
I’ve heard that in Hungary, some said
Harry Potter made pigs take over the orchestra.

Austyn Shipman

how to get to zazary

Make a pink polka dot potion and drink it
then grow to be a galaxy long
walk three miles, go talk to a
witch that lives in a desert and get
a broken chainsaw that sings, then
keep sawing through the ground and
you will end up on zazary.

Kate Henry


In Japan the leaves on the willow trees are Aqua
Green. In Canada the people’s feet are shaped like
an octagon. In Brazil it always is sunny
or humid. In Guatemala everyone looks like they have
shrunk. In Ireland everyone plays in an orchestra.

Blakely Swope

Vandergriff Elementary
Fayetteville, AR
Dates of Visit: May 8 – 9, 2017
Faculty Sponsor: Marci Tate
Grade Levels: 2, 3, 4
Appx. Number Students Served: 265
Visiting Writers: Cheyenne Autry, Elizabeth DeMeo, Emily Lerner, Michelle Myers, Joy Clark, Patrick Font, Vicente Yepez, Sheena Woods