Subiaco Academy


eyes as dark as midnight
skin as rough as rubbing your back on bark
claws as big as fat albert
Everyone knows I am from the deep beautiful sea
what nobody knows is I want to be eaten

Patrick Richardson

typical day

I had a vision, a vision of my nails in the kitchen
scratching countertops, I was screamin’
“Did you get on your knees daily to worship him?”
hearts silhouetted my shadow
the kitchen floor mirrored me, slippery
despondency lived in my hair while golden tears ran down my cheek
my moaning muffled

Andrew Bui

The Bee

In a black and white polished kitchen with glass tables,
A black and yellow striped bee buzzes around.
Juline walks by and yells “Get Away From My Kitchen!”
Juline grabs a rectangular cleaver.
Juline chases down the bee on the slippery floor.
Juline stops with green eyes, messy brown hair, curved ears, pale white skin, with a twitch.
The buzzing stopped but a whole herd comes running toward her.

Aaron Xavier Breshears

Orange Chicken

Your eyes will meet that of another.
Your spouse is cheating on you.
Don’t blink.

Clint Crow

Three Summers

On the four-wheeler at
high noon flying down
the railroad tracks

In the woods with
a fire in the evening
sky with a couple friends

Working in the chicken
house from 8-12 in
a hot building getting paid.

Connor Phillips

helpful bear

My chest
is a bear
his roar is my alarm clock
his bad breath is my perfume
his brain is my heart
his eyes are my headlights
his ears are my reins
his fur is my pillow
his paws are my paddles
his claws are my back scratcher, but watch out he can cut you.

Cory Schluterman

Racing Lights

The town shimmered
like an aurora
The night was filled with neon lights
Bright, flashy, they raced down the street
I met one beam and asked for a challenge.
I raced the line down intersections and blocks
Time went “tick tock,” but I couldn’t hear it
The light and I were racing in a marathon.
The sun peeked its head and said to me
“Time is up, stop following that beam.”
I ignored him, but I started to notice
The light in front of me died like Patroclus.

Johnny Bui

The town

The town flew
like a plane
all the buildings took off like a flock of birds
soaring through the sky
blocking the sun as they flew south
the town seems free
the sight of their home is near

Kent Nguyen

Painful dreidel

My head is
a dreidel
with all my
thoughts constantly
spinning round
and round till
I can’t take
it any more.
but they all
stop as if
they dreidel
was picked up
it was crazy
to think
all these ideas
flowing through
my head then
all just

Adam Ackel

A Key

I have a key inside me. I do not
know what it opens and I’m not sure
I want to know. It is a large, old-timey
gold key with soft, worn edges.

Joshua Buxton

Uncontrollable growth

I have a plant
inside of me
the soil is in my stomach
and the vines stretch through my intestines
and up through my mouth
and out my nose and ears
for the grape vine to make grapes
I have to eat fertilize and drink a lot of water
but I never have to go to the store to buy grapes

Cory Schluterman

The Ice Cream of Saturn

It’s so cold it feels hot
The color changes over time from blue to red
There’s no particular smell besides the fog
that comes from it
I don’t know the ingredients I can’t read
the alien language
The taste changes with the color from
cherry to blackberry

Joshua Malagon

Subiaco Academy
Subiaco, AR
Dates of Visit: March 6 – 7, 2017
Faculty Sponsor: Cheryl Goetz
Grade Levels: 7, 8, 9
Appx. Number Students Served: 69
Visiting Writers: Anthony Blake, Collin Callahan, Elizabeth DeMeo, Zachary Schwab