South Side Elementary


The feeling is smooth. It sounds
like clanging pots. The smell
like wood in winter.
The taste like
and peanuts.

Katrina Martinez

You Know You’re in Choctaw

when you feel the bumps
of the curve and the sharp
turn that I take in a car
every day
or the breeze you
feel on the hill
I love my home



Diamonds. A cracked doll’s eyes.
The luminescence of the moon.
The stars that shine bright.
The glare of light on an object.
A radiant award.
The color of mystical.
The color of the future.
The color of the past. Jewelry.
Airy light in your house.

Mara Holland

The Watcher

I was in my room when
my mom called me to the living room.
She said she found an old dress that she
wanted me to wear.
It was long and browned from age,
it was ripped in the puffy shoulders,
and had pink flowers on it with lace
at the bottom. She told me to put it
on so I did as she took pictures of
me. When I got my clothes back on
Mom had a doll with black wet
hair and black sags under her silver
eyes. She wore the same dress
I took off and was 4 feet tall.
She had ripped overalls on over it and black boots on,
and her lips were black as death. And made of brown burlap.
Mom called her The Watcher and said she would always watch me.
She put her in my room and when I went in the doll was gone
and a child laughed behind me, and she was there no matter what I did.
She was there past the neighbors. I grabbed my parents
and ran in their room. When I looked under the door, I saw
her staring at me, laughing. When she took hold of my ankles, her
white hands were cold as ice.

Mara Holland


is a black mouth cur
Four long muscular legs
That never stops moving

Hayden Black

The Kidneys Love Me

So bloody

So delicious

They said eat me, eat me

and so therefore I did and they were


Abigail Bramlett

Title and Teeth

elbow and baseball bat
ears and gummy bears
nails and taco shells

Caleb Evans

Chocolate Fingers

When I eat chocolate,
the chocolate melts
on my fingers.
Sometimes I eat my
fingers up. But they
taste so good. They
always grow back.
My friends eat my
fingers my family eats
my fingers and people eat
my fingers all the time.
I really miss my fingers.

Brinkley Smith


Depression is like a deer
people are always hunting you
down and you wish they would stop
feeling down in the dumps
cause you wish one day you would
reunite, and become one with
but you know it will never

Cheyenne Dempsey

Rainbow Falls

High in the mountains
Rocky like earth
Water comes down from far above
inspiring us to lay down and sleep
water hits the rocks, like a dream
don’t slip, you may break your collarbone,
breath taken in high altitude.

Skylar Bedford

In a Piano’s Life

A sweet summer’s breeze,
large and grand,
fresh polish and wood,
smooth and comforting.
By a piano is a good place to learn, cry, hug,
talk, and teach, and your family
gathers around the piano to sing and play
a song even after you’re gone.

Bonnie Permenter


It only takes 1 year for me
to turn the next age
while it takes over 1,000 years for
water to travel across the
world. It only takes 1 year for
me to go through all 12 months
while pickle juice can help
with cramps

Cheyenne Dempsey

South Side Elementary School
Bee Branch, AR
Dates of Visit: February 9 – 10, 2017
Faculty Sponsor: Melanie Crider
Grade Levels: 5, 6
Appx. Number Students Served: 77
Visiting Writers: Andrew Butler, JT Mahaney, Hannah Bradley, Patrick Font