Washington County Juvenile Detention Center

In the city of hair

In the city of hair, the streets long and hairy some are
rough and smelly, black or blond even brown buildings the water
of hair soft and frizzy no brush, no comb cats and dogs run
alone city of hair where people belong.

Quintavious J.


The vibrant halls I walk down every day of the week.
the leftover rotten grapes my sister don’t eat.
The wonderful flowers I sometimes see on the square.
the smell of the purple soap I use when I shower at
my house. the stinky football jerseys after a win against
another team. the type of egg that I never get at the
veggie market. only few can see emotion through purple.

Trevor D.

The Forest

As I was walking through the forest, I could taste
the morning mist on the tip of my tongue. The
smell in the air was refreshing. As the wind
blew I felt a chill run through me.

Branold L.

If I Swallowed a Forest Fire

When I swallowed a forest fire
I got a major heartburn
It tasted like very burnt toast
I now get to breathe fire out
my nose
It smelled like a very bitter
toilet product
The sizzling sound is within my body

Logan L.

The Railyard

I was riding my bike at
a dirt bike park and
I eat the dirt when
I fell my bike
and I touched the
dirt when I got up then
I smelled the dust when
I patted myself off the
dirt tasted nasty and it had a
rocky like taste to it not a
very good taste in your mouth

Zackary W.

Washington County Juvenile Detention Center
Fayetteville, AR
Dates of Visit: November 7 – 8, 2017
Faculty Sponsor: Jeane Mack and Joshua Moody
Appx. Number Students Served: 7
Visiting Writers: Sara Ramey, Vicente Yepez