Guy Fenter Education Service Cooperative

I Hate Veggies

I hate veggies because they always
taste like dirt. They are too dull in
taste. You are weird. I never want to
eat you again. I will give you a one-star

Owen Staton

I am a cross between

I’m a cross between cotton candy and warheads.
I am sweet in the day, sour in the night.
I’m an owl, but also a snake.
I watch from above, but I’m too stealthy.
I can blend into the crowd, but also be fierce.
I’m like a lizard camouflaging, and I’m a wolf.
I will see you, but you won’t see me.
A casual ordinary person is who you see.
Although deep inside, I’m a human in a shadow.
Waiting to be found.

Kristina Louise Hancock

Rounding Kids

Rounding kids is no picnic.
You have to know what they love.
You have to be close to them.
Candy will help. Chocolate, any kind.
Little girls that I know love milk,
juice, tea parties, baby dolls, makeup.
Not a lot of makeup though.
Living in a family of 7 you need to
know these things.
Boys love wrestling, so have a wrestling
Boys love X-boxes, candy too.
Girls my age, don’t worry about us,
we will be away at a friend’s house.

Zoey Skaggs

Brown Rice

Fortune 1: you will get to adopt a
narwhal that will bring good

Fortune 2: your narwhal will talk and only
say things that will insult you. Then
you will fall 5 stories and land on its

Fortune 3: you will become a narwhal.

Tori Napier

Things That I Don’t Like

I don’t like sparkles
Because I’m not ready to shine
They’re small and there’s lots of them
Just one touch and they will be stuck. 

I don’t like rainbows
Because there are too many colors
The shiny ones are big and blind me
The dark ones are too bland my friend.

I don’t like unicorns
Because they have everything I don’t like
They have sparkles
And they have rainbows.

Ashlynn Johnson

The story-less song: A sudden awakening

Yellow fields of calmness, my friend Sarah.
Playing in the fields, dancing.
We laugh, pushing each other on our tire swing.
We’re climbing up our woodsy smelling treehouse
when it starts to shake.
A bear rattles us. Sounds of crunching
We climb down a tree and run.
I fall, suddenly awakening on my porch.
My family comes out dancing, lights flashing,
“Happy Birthday!” they all yell.

Amelia Post


Can you hear
me said my left
ear. Of course I
can I’m an ear said
my right ear. Well, did you
hear about the homework said
the left year. Yes I’m
an ear said the right ear
even more angrily. The
anger spread around and we
can feel it. Ok. Oh did
you hear about the – yes
of course I did said the
right ear.

Brooklynn Jobe

My Childhood Broken Place

I come home to see pieces of the roof have fallen off, there
are holes in the doors, mice on the porch, and a sign that
says, “Danger.” Then you see an old man with a long silver
beard, with banana peels. He gives you a wave, you wave back. Then
walk away. You can smell the smoke. Feel the moss growing on
the porch. You say your goodbyes, and never want to come again.

Cordelia Taylor

Things That I’ve Lost

I have lost so many, many things.
I’ve lost so much I don’t know what
I’ve lost until I’ve found them.

 I’ve lost my dog.
I’ve lost my Grandpas.
I’ve lost my boyfriend.
and I’ve also lost some friends.

I’ve lost so many things, I don’t really
know how many, I don’t even have a clue.
I’ve lost my shoes.
I’ve lost my backpack.
and I even lost my phone.

But the thing I regret losing
the most is the time I spent writing this.
But because I’ve lost all these
all I feel is free.

Zoi Figley

I can’t play saxophone

I can’t play saxophone because my fingers are too
small. If I tried my fingers would not be able
to push the buttons. I also can’t because I have a
bird in my mouth. I can’t play saxophone because the
color yellow makes me sick.

Trinity Faith Fox

The Slippery Lizard

I slipped on the slippery lizard
I fell so hard I went back to when George Washington was alive
actually was it Abraham Lincoln
the lizard was in Mexico and I went back to Washington D.C.
by the way it was George Washington
after the lizard there was a huge firefly.

Wyatt Hester

Guy Fenter Education Service Cooperative
Branch, AR
Date of Visit: November 3, 2017
Faculty Sponsor: Amber Cobb
Grade Levels: 3, 4, 5, 6
Appx. Number Students Served: 59
Visiting Writers: Anthony Blake, Steven Rybnicek, Rachel Thomas, Madeline Vardell