Buffalo Island Central West Elementary

The taste of a Dream

The taste of a Dream is sweet like
candy.  It can taste surprising like
when you lose your first tooth.  It’s
heartwarming like warm cake.

Piper White


Nervous is like a small cupcake
that doesn’t want to be eaten.
Nervous smells like a ripe pear.
Nervous looks like a bear. Nervous
sounds like cats meowing and is
never dying. Nervous feels like
batter in a cake. Nervous
can’t be still like a dog that
sees a ball.

Sophi McFall


E, M, K, O, A, F, C, J, P, S, H, G, Z, U, Y, T, I, B, D, L, R, N, Q

Emma Kate McCord

What’s Weird

A chalkboard with legs
Jackets floating
Doors with no handles
Shirts with no sleeves
Elbows with no bones
Hair that’s made of wood
The world turned upside down

Braxton Matheny


The football is a boy
teeth that I eat
the guts I smell

Nathan Kerr

Things that Make Me Itch

1. Black shirts, Black
2. Mosquito’s Gray
3. Grass Green
4. Tree leaves Oak trees Green and brown
5. When I get my hair wet black
6. Rose petals make me itch Red
7. Pom Pom’s blue White
8. Cotton White
9. Fields Brown
10. Books When the pages touch me purple

Hayden Barajas


Valley why do you wash things
away. I dropped my favorite necklace
in you and it was gone in 2 seconds.
Why did you take my necklace.
I was just taking a picture.
It’s not like you can wear it you
have no neck. It’s worthless to you.
I mean you can’t get up and
walk to a Pawn Shop and get
money for it. So why did you take
my necklace?

Emery Green

fruit poem

The apple is a blossom in
the morning. It is a man that
has a sunburn. It is light in
your bedroom. It is the seed
of life.  Your baseball in the

Jaxton Decker


I can see this water

It’s a water clock I can
see it.

I can hear the gentle
drops on the floor.

I see the hands
still moving in the air.

I hear nothing.

I see it grouping together
on the floor.

Cason Kifer

Picture of Me

My hair is brown bobby pins.

My fingers and toes are tiny people.

My arm and legs are toothbrushes.

My feet are black hair ties.

My nail polish is teal toothpaste.

Kinsley Hamilton

Buffalo Island Central West Elementary
Monette, AR
Dates of Visit: October 18-19, 2017
Faculty Sponsor: Kima Stewart
Grade Levels: 3, 4
Appx. Number Students Served: 120
Visiting Writers: Victoria Hudson, Suzanne Monroe, Zach Schwab, Anna Vilner