Bismarck High School

Three ways of looking at the stars

The stars as small as a button when looking up
The pictures the stars lay out to us help us find our way home
They’re like a fortune teller laying our future beneath our feet

Raven Redenbaugh

The Witch

The wind roars, the candle burns
Hailstorm continues like elephant footsteps
I stay where I am with indigo curtains
The sour potion touches my lips
My head starts spinning like a kite in rough winds
The quiet of a tornado is present
My eyes open as I witness the vermilion

Esther Filipek

Out of the Hailstorm

Through the hailstorm chartreuse skips,
His legs, indigo from shards of hail slicing them.
Out of the hailstorm he comes,
running free of death.
Vermilion coming from the shadows
of the kites,
Sour of these recent events.

Colton McMullin

The foot and the heart

The heart, a blood pumping meat
piston providing life-saving nectar to
the canals of the body, looks down
upon the dirty foot. “You are
beneath me, a simple peasant
that must reside at the very
bottom with your face in the mud.”
The foot, a calloused hammer that
beats his mark unto the ground,
replies, “I don’t have to take this”
and jumps off then, laying the heart
on the ground.

Ben Parker


Have you ever fallen asleep with
jeans on?
There was a red orange fish in the right
pant leg.
There are actually 8 days in a week.
I woke up in Peru after falling asleep
on my couch in Arkansas.
I have fallen asleep with jeans on
and it isn’t comfortable.
Octagon shaped fish lands on the
keys of the piano.

Ashlea Crutchfield


Seville sounds like a trumpet
Why are different languages around the world?
An elephant with wings
Because there are different cultures
Summer is like a melted ice-cream
100 trumpets at the same time

Irene Varona

Bismarck High School
Norfork, AR
Dates of Visit: October 9-10, 2017
Faculty Sponsor: Louise Keithley
Grade Levels: 10
Appx. Number Students Served: 77
Visiting Writers: Anthony Blake, Elizabeth DeMeo