Arkadelphia High School


I used to pretend to be a superhero, a
big open town with many other people in the
town would everyday be in trouble. I would never ever
be hurt by anything. I was indestructible doubling my
chance to never get hurt. I would seem
to be rescuing people at midnight.
You probably didn’t know that I could only
have my powers on Wednesday.

As the rain-dry mountaintop daisies bloom when wind stop
sun shining on us growing us to the clouds peeping us
over the hill. Clovers still birds fly clover still still.
Embarrassed sick of being hurt by the sad cold rainy days.

Swipe right double tap on top of an airplane
stomp out non-domesticated animals. Deal with not
knowing your ABC’s. Deal with it. Why? Why? Go
dark in then, wait maybe 1 line in my princess goes to sleep.

Dyon Hunter

Does Your Heart Ever Crumble Like a Chocolate Egg Shell?

Does it hurt as much as getting stabbed in the stomach, oh wait
have you ever felt so happy that, wait, never mind
have you ever just felt so disappointed, sorry, I messed up,
what I meant to say was can you smell the flowers blooming
on the front step of your house? and wait have you ever heard
a banging sound that gives you a headache, oh never mind,
can you taste the Skittles at the end of the rainbow, wait
can you feel the blooming blue water of the ocean against your hand
that makes your day?

Matt Green

How to Misunderstand

Old women, best friends in fact, are just sitting together at a banquet. They are enjoying some—
Actually no, they weren’t best friends, they—
I lied, they grew up together in a wealthy environment. Rich families, rich jobs—
Psyche! They are dead broke. You can tell by the cheap perfume on their “designer” jackets—
It wasn’t a gleamy banquet, it was storming outside and these women—
Actually, men, yes, men. They are in full drag. Wrinkly old man skin caked in make-up. They hide it well.

Faith Ochello

I Loved You

I love you more than I love the smell of grass.
I loved you more than I love the sale rack at Forever 21.
I loved you more than I love the taste of Sprite.
I loved you more than I love the sound of rap.
I loved you more than I love the aftermath of mascara.

Nancy Kwetchou


1. School
2. Fake friends.
3. High expectations.
4. Cancer
5. Umbrellas
7. Don’t worry about why I skipped six.
8. Deal with it.
9. Don’t judge me for that.
10. Life.
11. Don’t expect me to go past ten.
12. Did you find that harsh and demanding?
13. Good.

Drew Webb

Silent Arrow

The moon is silent
I listen to the sand, but no sound comes out
of her sad mouth.
Death is an arrow shot to stop
the beat of the heart.

Money can’t stop the arrow from flying
But after it happens, sweet music plays
Birds and nature sing
But no sound comes from the moon

No sound comes from the heart
It happens again, birds sing
The moon speaks, I hear her.
She rejoices at the arrow, it is done.

Jasmine Harvey

The Whisper World

Government’s just took the loudness
from the ones who need it most.
No more expressing my excitement
with a high-pitched “eek.” No more cries for help.
At least no more that could actually be heard.

An ambulance is coming?
I wouldn’t know, can’t hear the sirens.
No sound of children laughing.
Just whispers of a small, sniffling toddler
asking for her friend to pass her that curly-headed doll.

I sit in school, no announcements,
no lesson, just a history book to read.
Left to whisper, I learn little
without interaction and communication.
I scream!

Now banished, to an area with those
who need the loud atmosphere
just like me.

Faith Ochello

Grilled Chicken

sunbathing on the grill
butter is my sunscreen
looking up at the sky moving
burning inside
browning outside
all my memories fade into
the rusty metal that’s giving me
a new tattoo on my crust

Peyton Fleenor

How to Fix an Arm

This man is at war and he has to get his arm— Then he goes— The baby was drawing on him— The day before yesterday there was a car wreck down my street— This man got this really cool tattoo that smelled like baked potatoes and green— There were three people looking at— The man screamed so loud it was horrific— The doctor was telling him that he is stupid for leaving— These two men sailed out to sea to discover something no one has ever seen or heard before. And on the way— He felt the bark from the tree and somehow he got a splinter and that was the worst pain he had felt in a while.

Kayley Crawford


What is your least favorite food?
Have you ever shared your gum you were chewing with someone else?
Which would you prefer, a turtle or a bunny?
Would you ever let me date your cute older brother?
Did you ever have a puppy that would pee everywhere?
Have you ever been nervous when you present?
What do you present?
Is everybody watching you?
Do you have butterflies?

Madison Lamb


Is it crowded in there?
We all smell a little weird.
Do you think just because our juice is sour,
we are sour too?
How come some of us are smooth and some bumpy?
I wonder how I taste to people.
Because I’m a sweet, curvy pickle
in a little sour jar.

Darlene Scott

Searching for You

Do you ever stare endlessly into the night sky?
Have you ever stopped to smell the roses?
Which is better, pineapples or strawberries?
Why does the world turn?
Do you choose to wear fuzzy socks?
Does your heart flutter when you see an animal?
Do you allow your food to touch at dinner?
Have you listened to 80s-inspired music when it’s 3AM and you can’t sleep?

Lauren Trippett

Emoji Poem

The arrows are telling me to go onto the plane.
They told me not to go near the cheetahs.
I’m so cool for knowing the alphabet.
Why is it night-time now?
I did a good job of being queen,
now it’s time to go to sleep.

Madison Lamb

Alternate Names for Me

1. Rusty nail left alone
2. Enemy of my unwritten thoughts
3. First daughter of skipping rocks
4. Yellow waiting to shine
5. Fire burning the shadows.
6. The smell of mountain nights.
7. Fathers’ eyes filled with nothing.

Kylee Overturf

Arkadelphia High School
Arkadelphia, AR
Dates of Visit: April 19 – 20, 2017
Faculty Sponsor: Sean Queen
Grade Level: 10
Appx. Number Students Served: 135
Visiting Writers: Caroline Beimford, Cheyenne Autry, Michelle Myers, Joy Clark