Amboy Elementary


She swear she can sing but she
can’t sing, she always be trying to
hit the high note but she can’t, she always
be getting me a headache, especially when
she play all the way home by Tamara Braxton.
I love when she wrestle me she be
giving me a hug, and when we be having
dance competitions, I always win. She always
say some funny stuff that be making me
laugh, but I barely see her because she
basically live with my grandma, and when she
leave, I kinda get sad, because my grandma
gives her her way, and my mama don’t.

Trinity Young


I’m a grown man with baby type feet.
If you ever look at my feet
while I’m walking around the house,
my feet look
like two lego bricks put together.
Whenever I feel my feet,
I can only feel one tiny bone
going through my foot.

Alex Beasley

Self-Portrait in My J’s

I am one foot tall, like a brown bear in a black
cave by the river, or a white horse standing
in a meadow.

I am ugly, like a witch’s black mole on her green
face,or an elephant at the zoo.

I am pretty, like a butterfly’s colorful wings
or a baby kitten.

I am huge, like the Big Friendly Giant in the
clouds, or a skyscraper.

I have a lot of friends, like a flock of
geese, or people in a football stadium.

I have long hair, like Rapunzel, or Rapunzel’s castle.

I am mean, like a shark that smells blood,
or a crocodile on top of the water.

I am sweet, like an ice cream cone, or
my aunt that lives with me.

I am spoiled, like a rotton egg, or a piece
of moldy cheese.

I am thin, like pencil lead, or like a piece
of my grandma’s grey hair.

Alexis Jones


My name is matulapucla. I love
to eat rats, worms, and humans.
I live in the pound. I’m a big gray
hairy bear. I love to eat
pucla. Bleeta is the love of my life.
I am a short little ant. I suck
the blood out of peanuts,
plums. My dad is 2 Chainz.
My dad is Jay Z. I invented
Nikes. My mom is Mrs. Malfoy.
My mom is Selupucla.
I have two million cars. Pleatmongups
is where my house at. I ate
50128 million humans.
Sincere is my cousin. Camille
is my mother.
I’m a blond headed girl. Pleetnia
is my shoes. I eat hatred.

Janiya Williams

The Girl with the Firefly Light

Going to school, she was made fun of.
She was an outcast,
sat by herself on the bus.
Every time she looked up,
she was being stared at.
When she turned 16,
her parents let her go.
She ran off into the wild
and found her a new home.
The light turned on
when she was scared.
But she had nothing so she wasn’t scared.

Ky’Ana Robinson

I am Half

I am half rabbit / half human.
I love IHOP because I hop.
Eat 22 pancakes
with blueberries.

Solomon Barnes

Self-Portrait in Jordans

I am 10 feet tall. Since I’m 100 feet tall,
my head could touch the clouds. I have
daddy longlegs, when I go on a plane, I break
it. If we have a race, you won’t beat me,
cause my legs are longer than a giraffe neck.

Chase Sewell

The Girl with Butterfly Wings

The girl with butterfly wings likes
to fly out to the rainforest to be alone
at any time of day. No matter when.
When it is day, when the sun is blazing
hot surrounded by pink, blue, red,
and purple flowers when
the stream is flowing
deeply. Or when it is
night when the pink flowers
turn green and everything else
yellow. When the water is
shallow. No matter what that
is the rainforest she’d
rather be.

Alexandria Brown

Amboy Elementary
North Little Rock, AR
Dates of Visit: May 2 – 3, 2017
Faculty Sponsor: Hallie Hutson
Grade Level: 5
Appx. Number Students Served: 55
Visiting Writers: Molly Rector, Bailey Hutchinson