Weaver Elementary


Kick, punch, gib, heart race like fighter jet doing back
flips, do I duck do I fake right go
left it all a confusion like a herd
of zebras scattering like ants. Smelling
the sweat and pain. In a hot
second my opponent fall thump.
Bling ding, it over, feeling pain all over
like a hundred bee stings. Felt like
I won a war that was ruthless.

Brighton Gillum


Eight long legs
6 big beady
eyes man face
creeping and
crawling through
the night hanging
from webs. He’s
trying to get up
the water spout
While the rain isn’t
falling. Then he
feels a drop
He’s half way up
the spout, he starts
climbing down but
the rain starts falling
faster and faster
but he drops and
crawls back into
his home and stays
until the rain stops
but it didn’t.

Machiah Williams

What’s Cold

A new house
A dark winter night
A just turned on fan
The beach ocean
A plugged up freezer
Food that is left sitting out
A shoe store
A drink in the cooler

Moses Rodgers


Anger smells like vinegar it just
leaves a nasty taste in your mouth
a sour taste, it just makes your ears
pop and never go back to normal again
You will hear nothing but voices
telling you that you don’t have to do
anything. you just see black and
white the world will just be going
as slow as a slug. Anger is the
worst thing that you will ever feel.

Kaiya Newsom

Sense of the Basement

Smell of the
old furniture
of the green
water. Of
old rusty metal
look of the
chewed out rubber
of the dusty black
painted window
of the dusty rocking
chair. Feeling of the
soft blanket of the
worn out leather
taste of old
pretzels of pecans
sound of the
twitching light.

Kiona Bond

Ode to the Honey Bee

With distant black and
yellow stripes without
you the world will
be a foodless and
flowerless junk yard
without you we would
not have the most
sweetest liquid in the
world, honey with your
unique way of pollinating
the flowers without
you we wouldn’t
have fruits and vegetables.

Toriyan Vann

Weaver Elementary
West Memphis, AR
Dates of Visit: May 4 – 5, 2016
Faculty Sponsor: Sheila Grissom
Grade Levels: 5, 6
Appx. Number Students Served: 100
Visiting Writers: Emily Lerner, Larissa Sprecher