Taylor Elementary


Liv told me,
I want to try on your dresses
Big Mama said, me too
cotton candy said, I want your 20 pound boas
bear said, You’re my favorite owner
fetch said,
I love seeing you do your homework hearty,
hearty said, thanks for taking so good
care of me
Hayden said, I want to go swimming
Stripes said, I’m striped up
crazy hair said, I want to see what
a slushy tastes like
lights said, I light you up when you are out
thing 1 and thing 2 said, I’m cookoo, I’m cookoo
Heidi said, thanks for choosing
me at the birthday party
spots said, I love roses
and sugarbear said
I love your home
tiger says, oink, oink, oink

Jessa Hines


My sister biting
My arm
high heels
Cute clothes

Adelyn Carter


The hot monster lives under
the bed. Twisting and turning
the bed frame. He is as
golden as the sun. As a mad
mood ring. Like blood on top
of a yellow pillow. Like
hot coals one a bed of
ashes. Like water blisters on
top of your skin. I realize
the monster is me, hot
and mean.

Mason Jackson

For Sale: Joy

vacation to the beach $20
dark blue swing sets $10
lunch bell
computer activity $15
end of school $20
baby bunnies $20
berry ice cream $5
jumping on mom’s bed $10
birthday presents $19
100 dollar bills $20
huge ribs $20
finishing homework $10
going down to the barn $19
sleep $20
TV $10
Saturday $20

Ayla Buford

The Monster Ball

the softball hit her,
it bounced off and
grew legs and erms.
The soft ball twisted down,
to second base,
I heard it coming down as it rolled.
the monster ball wanted to jump over the fence,
the monster ball smelled like wet dew,
the monster ball tasted like dirt
from the dirty glove of the pitcher.
the monster ball got what it wanted
it got over the short fence, it
crashed through the fence leaving a
small yellow dirty hole.

Ashlynn Hinshaw


Burglars in the house, stealing $2
The clown staring at you $10
Tornadoes coming on the roof $1
Someone died and is a ghost $3
living in a snake house $7
Atom bomb drop outside 50 cent
devil gets to take you $1
Horrible movies $2
of No Electronics $5

Mattison McLellard


I wither down to a bouquet of eggs
The eggs rot in the burning hot sun
the eggs have been smashed

The dump comes
there goes the eggs
the sticky yolk…

Riley Shackelford

<hr/ >


Next year is a when we can
Then the year after that is going to
be a fake world with black and white
Tomorrow is going to have a crowd of
panthers with long tongues,
Today is going to have a bouquet
of flowers with white strands of hair.

Emma Gore

No Man’s Land

his guard
have labored for the truth

perhaps five hundred years
all or most
was destroyed. Here
in nature
what remains
is only

we get
Old maps
at one time

Rayne Cranford


My kitten.
My kitten Kisses.
My kitten Kisses lives.
My kitten Kisses lives in.
My kitten Kisses lives in a.
My kitten Kisses lives in a pen.
My kitten Kisses lives in a pen in.
My kitten Kisses lives in a pen in the.
My kitten Kisses lives in a pen in the utility.
My kitten Kisses lives in a pen in the utility room.
The utility room.
The utility room is.
The utility room is stinky.
The utility room is stinky because.
The utility room is stinky because of.
The utility room is stinky because of my.
The utility room is stinky because of my kitten.
The utility room is stinky because of my kitten Kisses.

Seleta Canterbury


not getting a toy $10
growling $1
someone who is not your friend $20
getting homework$2
taking my pill and vitamins $1
no candy $10
doing chores $11
walking too much $1
my dog on my feet $10
someone being mean to you $11

school $20.00
getting sick $9.50
dad luck $19.99
reading $18.20
parents $20.20
dogs $13.04
math $14.99

Caitlin Thompson

How To Make A Merman

first you pour water in the
Then you put salt in the bathtub.
Second put a fish in the water.
After that put gasoline in the water.
And try to light it on fire.
Then you got a merman! Wait this is
the most important step, you lay in
it then you got a merman.

Jacob Shackelford

Taylor Elementary
Taylor, AR
Dates of Visit: April 20 – 21, 2016
Faculty Sponsor: Robby Frizzell
Grade Level: 3, 4, 5, 6
Appx. Number Students Served: 128
Visiting Writers: Cheyenne Autry, Elizabeth DeMeo, Suzanne Monroe, Michelle Myers