South Side Elementary


The shadows in my room are alive,
the firefly outside is bugging me,
is my dad sleeping right now,
it is January fifteenth, 2016,
My lamp is broken in 3 pieces,
the cars outside drive by creating
shadows, dad is not sleeping he is
watching TV, firefly



Why snow, do you exist? Whenever
I touch you, you freeze my hand.
You ruin all of my vacations, and
don’t even get me started on yetis.
You let them live around you, but
not me. You know, I might have to
introduce you to my close friend, salt.

Drew Raines


One day there was a dog that got dyed red.
When the dog’s family approached the scene they got super mad.
The mom screamed and called the vet.
They went into the city of Conway to the vet who found out he stepped into a
bucket of Kool-Aid.

Hadley Bullard


Flying by a house,
made of big computer keys.
Abducting llamas

Drew Raines

If we could hear chocolate

The sound of chocolate would be very
soothing. Maybe even soothing enough
to put a baby to sleep.

Meghan Hurt

If dogs were books

If dogs were books, the would be all bark
and no bite. They would growl like Dante’s
stomach. Book would become pets. The books
might even be shaped like dogs. Here’s a
good thing about pet books, they can’t
run away! Then again, if dogs were books,
the books would stink if you don’t
give them a bath, but it could ruin the
books. So I recommend, don’t get
a pet-book.

Reign Andrade

If Fish Were Doctors

They would prescribe seaweed for medicine.
Fish would make you go to Walmart and get pizza.
They would make you eat huskies.

Hayden Black

South Side Elementary
Bee Branch, AR
Dates of Visit: April 13 – 14, 2016
Faculty Sponsor: Melanie Crider
Grade Levels: 5, 6
Appx. Number Students Served: 80
Visiting Writers: Anthony Blake, Sacha Idell