Root Elementary


I am from rubbery hot dogs
with catsup and mustard.
I am from the first row
of cherry red rubber seats
that make my bottom go

Will Curry

What Does the Heart Do?

It has wires and circuits,
it lights my path,
it turns on and off
with a switch.
It’s not that big,
but produces a lot of light.

Zac Cox

The Truth

The Nyan cat is the President of the U.S.,
and T-rexes are room service at the hotels.
Christmas sweaters don’t itch and
the air tastes like salad.
The sky looks red as an apple.
Soccer balls are made of lead.
Stegosaurs pick apples.

Liam M

My Thoughts Are Like Hedgehogs

My thoughts scuttle around in my head,
when they want to come out
they give me a quick poke.
But when I grab for them,
they run alone.

Brighton Smith

I’ve Never Said a Lie

I’m a magpie
that flies so high
it might burn
your eyes.

I’ve planted
a million trees,
and met a bee.

I’ve also been
to the real
Jurassic Park
(and Jurassic
World, too!)

And guess what:
I have zero siblings
and I’m Super Girl’s
sister and my dad is a bat
so my mom’s a bat, too.

Maggie Massey

Face Poem

Right face, wrong face
pearl face, jacket face
McDonald face, your face
is not just a face it is
a pencil.
An airplane even, a Kozo, but
what is it when you are sad?

Good face, bad face
right face, wrong face
we have many kinds
but that is what makes us

Emmie Corbin


It is huge, has a den
and three bedrooms and
three bathrooms and has
a big, flat screen TV.

You can do backflips and
fall and make a splish-splash and
my brother throws me around
the place. The deep-end

I am worried that my brother
will not be there and I hope
my brother’s girlfriend comes.

I am scared because I hope I don’t see
a shark in my bed
and in my pool.

True Sawyer

Postcard to Uranus

There are strange games
where people fall into a tub
and flap their arms to keep
their capped hairless heads
above water

as they race and push and throw
things some even go under and
come up laughing, gasping
for breath

it is full when it is hot
but when it’s cold it’s vacant.
An end where short people
with colorful tubes play
and an end where tall people

Brighton Smith

What Does the Heart Do?

It rolls in the grass, sometimes flies
in the air, getting kicked by people,
getting some abuse.
At the end of the game,
it rests in the grass.

Benjamin Ganglaff

What’s Wet

My dog’s black fur after a long bath
the rain pouring down on my skin
my blond, thick hair after a baseball game
a sponge after cleaning a sink
different colors of ink spilling
onto a piece of paper
a puddle that is so clear that you see
your reflection

Everett Hall

Recipe for Silliness

Get a lot of friends on a snowy
day, borrow your cousin’s Slip N Slide
when the power’s down, then
make snowmen on the Slip N Slide
then play bowling and the snowmen
are the pins.

Liliana Pirani

Thirteen Ways of Looking at Blackbird

“The blackbird is strong, big, and bold” said the caterpillar.
“I think he’s weak and scrawny!” said the eagle.
“I think he’s my daddy!” said the baby blackbird
“I think he’s a nice, young lad,” said the old white crane.
“I think he’s scary,” said the bunny, looking frightened.
“We think he’s awesome,” said the five orange mice.
“He is small,” said the horse.
The bee said, “He is dangerous.”
“I think I’m a blackbird,” said the blackbird.

Pearson Bland

A Dish of Peaches in Russia

In Russia a dish of peaches is very
common. If you look to the right
of the plate you will see a bright berry
salad with peaches, cherries, blueberries
strawberries, and a bit of dark and light
green mint leaves. If you look to the left
of the place you will see a bowl of peach
cobbler with a cup of milk and a spoon
next to it. And if you look in front of you,
you will see a big lair of puff pastry
with whipped cream on top covered
with thinly sliced peaches and raspberries
with a leaf of green mint. As you can see
a dish of peaches in Russia is
a very yummy desert dish.

Olive Carroll

Branson, Missouri

You know you are in Branson
when you pass the long white bridge
with crystal water flowing by you
as you go. You know you’re in Branson
when you hear kids screaming with
joy from the fun rides at
Silver Dollar City. You know you are
in Branson when it starts to smell
sweet with music that brings you
to sleep. You know you have reached
Branson when you are happy.

Macklaine Easton


In front of me there was a yellow
monkey in a tall redwood tree
that smelled like fresh wood.

Above me there was a red crow
high in the sky that was singing
a beautiful song that sounded like Jazz music.

To my right there was a tall, brown
rough cedar tree that had
green leaves blowing in the wind.

To my left there was a gorilla
that smelled like a fresh set of
paint. He was purple with blue
stripes, standing on the wet, slippery dirt.

Behind me was a person whistling
leading a group of people that sound
like squealing chipmunks on a hike.

Chesney Carlton

Root Elementary
Fayetteville, AR
Dates of Visit: March 10 – 11 & 16 – 17, 2016
Faculty Sponsor: Marjo Burk & Spencer Pineda
Grade Levels: 3, 4
Appx. Number Students Served: 183
Visiting Writers: Caroline Beimford, Jacob Collum, Larissa Sprecher, Vicente Yepez