Happy Hollow Elementary


Oh, rainbow
you are a big, colorful piece of art.
you are like 7 crayons
that have melted in the sky
where do you go when you
are not shining?
You go somewhere else in
the world.



The fox quietly
ran away far
into the woods.

Jadyn Haney

I dreamed

that six hundred
turtles lay seeping
under the shade
of a pigeon.
I dreamed that
I put a turtle
on a scale and
it weiged 21
pounds. I dreamed
about twenty
fat people
jumping out of
planes and do
a belly flop on
to concrete.
I dreamed that
Santa ate a
burger and
blew up. I
dreamed that
it started
raining turtles
and whipped
cream. Then
burgers started
crawling on
me and
punching me
with their
tiny hands.
I dreamed
that I ate
five pigeons
on a farm
in space.
I dreamed
that I
so loud
it made
operas cry.
I dreamed
that I

Maddox Sutton

How to be an Almond Driving a Lamborghini

Go back in time.
Practice witchcraft.
Turn yourself into an almond.
Go back to the present time.
Get legs.
Be the first almond
with a driver’s license.
Make sure that the Lamborghini is black.
Get arms.
the Lamborghini.


How to be Crazy

Knock on somebody’s door
and start throwing eggs at him.
Look at that chicken boy!

Sammy Polanco


On November it was cold
it was 1985 the month my
mom was born in a hospital
near Lake Fayetteville the hospital
walls were tan
and rough, there were signs
pointing where to go we saw a frog
on the way there it was
loud in the hospital very loud

Jack Huddleston


Sloan ate me because we
were trapped in the dessert
and played rock paper scissors.



Michelangelo had a bright
gold bucket. he used that
bright gold bucket for
putting milk in the bright
gold bucket to make
the milk have power to
keep Michelangelo awake
when he was making
the wood plane.


Dear Miss Annie’s Flowers

She never waters you
I wish I could break in her house
and save her flower
you smell good
the only time you water is when you’re outside
maybe it’s my time?
She’s eating you, ew,
She sees me
Sorry, yellow tulip.
You have seeds.
My mom said she had a prize for me.
She said, “clean your room.”

Haylee Hood


A blender is like a mole tearing up the ground,
it comes up from the ground and eats your
plants, its mouth is like the little blade
that cuts the food, it smells gross,
it feels soft, it sounds like nothing, it tastes
well I have no idea, it looks small like a blender,
so you better get a cat.

Allison Barker

The Fly

The fly is a fat pest
flying around doing who
knows what? It makes me swat.

Thomas Meneley


If I swallowed a car
when I talk I honk.


How to Fall in Love

First, you go to the
store. Then go to the frozen part.
There you find it. Next, you get it out
then you put it in the oven. Third, you put it
for three minutes then it is done you
get it out then eat it.

Nilson Urias


Grass, green
as leaves or
brown as dirt.

Maddox Sutton

O, Netflix!

You have a variety of shows to
watch. Good or bad I don’t really
care. Your red and white colors
are really quite swell. So cheap I will
never give you up; not even for
Hulu or Amazon Prime. O, how I love

Brock L.

How to Make Your Parents Mad

1. Don’t do the dishes
2. When your mom says no and then you ask your dad and he says yes
3. Fight with your sisters
4. Make a hole in the wall
5. Write on the ceiling
6. Drink the last of the coffee
7. Ask to have a friend over
8. Put your feet on the couch
9. Interrupt them
10. Ask for money
11. Ask to go camping (expel your mom)
12. Be sick in the morning
13. Get a punch at school
14. Get bad grades
15. Set a fire in the house.

Addison P.

O, Chocolate Cake

Your rich creamy taste fills my mouth,
you smell better than a patch of roses,
you sound fantastic because you don’t make
a noise, you look like a square box with chocolate,
you feel like a bumpy mountain
when I shove you in my mouth
O chocolate cake how I adore you.

Allison Barker


O, Paco
why are you
so Hitlery?
You are
rude to
that’s why
we call
you Hitler cause we can’t even hold you.
When we
first got you
you smelled
like cotton candy.
Every single night
I hear you and
I can’t sleep.
You look like
a colorful parrot.
You mostly eat
sunflower seeds.

Alissa Castro

Happy Hollow Elementary
Fayetteville, AR
Dates of Visit: May 23 – 24, 2016
Faculty Sponsor: Sharon Pepple
Grade Level: 4
Appx. Number Students Served: 283
Visiting Writers: Anne Greeott, Bailey Hutchinson, JT Mahany, Scott Ray, Rachel Thomas, Jacob Yordy