Greenbrier Public Schools


Depression is like an octopus
that is in space. Depression is feeling
alone like that poor octopus
floating through space.

Devon Brannan

The Specifics of Me

The handle on the door.
A big pit in the ground that smells
like pizza.
Mars cut in half.

A fishing rod
holder made of umbrellas.
A cut in half upside-down eyeball.
An upside-down
mountain that smells
like candy.

A bench flipped
on its side.
A wall
made of Styrofoam.

Jude Watkins

The Truth About Brussels Sprouts

Brussel sprouts are really very
toxic. Einstein liked Brussels Sprouts.
That is how he died. So take some advice
from me NEVER try Brussels sprouts.
I know some of you will never intend to.

Brylee Hammett

The Specifics of Me

Half a blue Monarch’s wing
An old purple branch that yawns
A talking fuchsia twig that sleeps
A ghost that only has a mouth
A zig-zag that can walk by itself
A person with no neck arms or legs
A is a thin leaf on a blue ant hill.

Bryazia Holloway

How to Fall in Love

First you fluff your pillow
Next you put on your pajamas
Then you go to bed

Tyler Raney

Shyness is the Octopus

An octopus has two hearts for its body.
They use those to get to the moon
and back. Octopuses never think about this
but their habitat is almost so peaceful
unless they have to use ink to hide.
Octopuses don’t like stuff attacking them so they
use their ink to run away in the dark.
Would octopuses want to go to the
bottom of the ocean or not.
An octopus I bet loves to use
similes like my shyness is like a
human being scared of a shark.

Titus Fechtelkotter


Two mountains made out of dead cats
Two trains and it can go one or another way made out of letters
A horse that is little with 10,000 eyes
Two lines made out of noses
A fence made from dogs
An egg made out of dogs and eyebrows
A train made out of candy

Braxton Jerry

The Dream Hospital

The dream hospital is the size of a skyscraper
The dream hospital smells of chicken, soup, and vanilla
The dream hospital sends its patients to Sandman’s house
The dream hospital’s doctors are frightening
Green hair, purple eyes, and skin that sparks like sun,
Wide-eyed, and coats that twinkle like stars
The dream hospital’s rooms are the scariest of all
The room walls are covered in lime slime,
And they move to different rooms
The dream hospital heals
The dream hospital is weird
The dream hospital is the place of my nightmares

Katie Strickland

Eraser Board

Oh, eraser board!
I love the way you are when the
marker writes over you, and doodles
I’m interested when the
teacher cleanses, and cleans you.
You stand high about 6 ft. tall
telling all the other tools you’re boss!
Oh, eraser board!
I love the way you
have a tray to carry your
You are not jealous like the markers.
You are the greatest of all!

Dori Anne MacArthur

The Truth about Albert Einstein!

He dyed his hair white because of his wife.
He dissected his daughter’s brain for an experiment.
He collected hair, so he could make
a female robot.
He listened to Michael Jackson every day, for three hours.
He was so crazy about Michael
Jackson, he pushed people down
to get to one of his concerts.

Peyton S.

O, Skittle!

O, skittle!
I love the way you taste so sweet
The way your colors shine in the light
I love the way you feel in my hands
so small like a seed
yet you have no smell
Why is that I ask you?
you did not answer
Why won’t you little skittle answer me?
While in my hand
you look so sweet
you stood too still
so, sorry, I had to gobble you up
you tasted so sweet!

Kamryn Allison

The Truth About My House

My house is haunted! Red slime
comes out of the walls! A three-legged
creature with tentacles coming out of
his mouth watches me in my sleep!
He also ate one of my mom’s boyfriends.
I’m actually happy about that.
Instead of Santa coming down the
chimney, a cyclops comes down it!
We really need a new house!

Kenna Haley

Greenbrier Public Schools
City / Town: Greenbrier, AR
Date of Visit: November 16 – 17, 2016
Primary Faculty Sponsor: Tally Harp
Grade Levels Involved: 3, 4, 5
Total Number Students Served: 26
Visiting Writers: Bailey Hutchinson and Rachel Thomas