Bragg Elementary


My hands do
cartwheels, hold
my coffee, move
like a
dancer, wear socks,
brush my hair, wave
like an elephant’s ears when
they flap, walk with shoes, pinch
myself when I am mad, text like
a race car.

La’terria Scott

My life as a piece of wood

Before I was a piece of wood I
was a Basketball player. I would shoot
hoops, and run across courts. My favorite
part was the fame. But now, I drift
down rivers, lay on lawns, and finally get
burned to ashes.

Warren Mullen

Snapshot of Mayberry Cove

My neighbor who lost his wife.
Cars go by.
Wet dog.
The thorns in the roses.

Jamie Honshell

Elimination Dance

Women who take too many selfies
Men that eat too many bean burritos
Children who yell when they don’t get what they want
Singers who are too self-centered
Pigs who roll in mud
Chickens who eat all of the grain
and horses running away from the rain
Cucumbers that don’t grow fast enough
Dogs that bark too much when nothing is there
Fish that don’t bite
Worms that don’t come out of their holes
When people run away from the church
and when besties part ways.
When people bully just to be cool
Parents that are cruel
When days get shorter
and when nights get longer.

Abby Chism

Men Bathing in a Stream

Watch out!
They’re all over the place
Men are bathing in streams
They smell like tofu
Turned the water purple like grape
They eat oysters and onion skin off the
Never watch the clock
They play with each other’s veins
Find broccoli out of the trash and dip it
into guacamole
These men don’t know that their lives
are on the line right now

Taniya Jefferson

For sale: Laziness

Soft couch $39.47 Potato chip 5 cents
Fried Butter $1.77 Feeling tired 99 cents
Canned stress 1 cent Robot that does
stuff for you $99.71 Half a Corndog
63 cents

Aarron Dunlap

Bragg Elementary
West Memphis, AR
Dates of Visit: March 17 – 18, 2016
Faculty Sponsor: Amber Mink
Grade Levels: 6
Appx. Number Students Served: 62
Visiting Writers: Cheyenne Autry & Michelle Myers