Washington County Juvenile Detention Center


Big yellow ball being hanged & lowered down
color of the ball turns darker as it gets closer to the buildings & trees
then it turns orange & suddenly I feel like I am in Alaska
the wind gets thicker
& right before you can’t see what started as a yellow ball, it turns
from orange to red & disappears
then the other side of where you are looking
a white ball is being pulled up.


Roller Coaster

I saw a machine in the store
a girl was looking at it then she did
something to make it go around in circles

While walking around
I saw a bunch of machines
with lights that spun
with people on them. They were
big and small, long and short.


His Life

His heart is full of hate.
His heart is full of hate but no one
His heart is full of hate.
He wants to be free of anger
He wants to be free of anger but
he is shackled to it.
He wants to be free of anger.
He writes how he feels.
He writes how he feels and
puts it into a song.
He writes how he feels
No one understands him.
No one understands him because
the way he thinks.
No one understands him.



Bright like the sun
long like eight bulls & four circle shaped servants
that carry it.
A sign on the right side of it, that
others like it but smaller seems to be scared of
the sign that every time it stops & pulls up the
sign, the others around it stop too.
Black square shaped see through are around
it, the back the front, the right & left, & one even
on top of it.


I Came To Earth

I came to earth
to find new life.
The humans have
these small circles
that they insert into
a mechanical box.
There are monsters
that soar in the sky.
Much like our planet
there is air.
There are plastic discs
that sit motionless until thrown.
They look like replicas of our


Washington County Juvenile Detention Center
Fayetteville, AR
Dates of Visit: December 15 – 16, 2015
Faculty Sponsor: Jeane Mack and Joshua Moody
Appx. Number Students Served: 7
Visiting Writers: Jesse Irwin, Vicente Yepez