Taylor Elementary School


Construction guards in the streets, flames
Of wildfires, fur of a tiger. Safety vests of hunters.
The sky before the sun sets,
A goat’s collar, duct tape, carrots.
A boy’s shirt. The power button
On a computer, social studies text books.
Pencils in a backpack.

Abby Key


I live in a hermit crab shell
and the hermit crab is in it
and his claws are pinching my nose
and the hermit crab’s shell is smooth
and cozy

Grace Braswell


Contrasting a level
Of which thou look up to,
Of which they strive to be,
Pandora’s box, containing hope,
For it once had pride,
To marvel over something
As in yourself, a fatal flaw,
To strike worse,
a battle field blow, pride.

Calie Gray


The lightning falling
down in the book
of myths, the
thunder roars in fear
as they tell
a story of bravery,
the gods are mad.

His lightning bolt
strikes in fear as
the people in the village
worry if he will strike
from the sky.

Skyler Millers

Where’s Destiny

I jump through walls
To find my destiny,
Swimming through seas,
Fighting lions, dancing with bees,
Burning and running
Through the wind,
Jumping along on a whale,
Pushing a truck,
Then I see a boy
Get a heavy jack and see gold.

I find it with my name
All over it,
And it said
You find your destiny,
Already showing me that
You can do
Everything. Just find me.

Doria Beasley


The color of the night sky,
The black cats,
The sound of crows.
The look in their eyes, the way her mascara
Falls down her cheek. The sound of cries.

The absence of light, the hate
In her heart, the color of his life,
The feeling of death.

Jesse Tatum


Of my dog
as she whined
her last breath.

She was gold
with knots in her hair.

She was nasty
and smelled horrible.

But I love her
and that’s what matters.

Elijah Quarles


The sun shines up in the sky and sounds like a white boat floating in the wavy water.
The colorful rocks under the water sound like a basketball bouncing.

Madison Lindsey


It goes dig-dig.
it goes all day.
I see numbers and fingers.
I go ‘Hi-Hi, what are you doing today?’
I smell like metal.
I can do whatever I want,
I can even play games.
I taste like glue,
What am I?
I’m a phone.

Brianna Hinshaw

Mrs. Go on the Moon.

Mrs. G. is at the moon landing.
Mrs. G feels the moon rocks.
Mrs. G tastes the Kool-Aid in space.
Mrs. G hears her cellphone.
Mrs. G smells donuts.
Mrs. G is thinking about her boys.

Dakota Thomas

I live in a dinosaur’s brain

It is warm and cozy.
Sometimes I look at his thoughts.
It is a plant eater.
His thoughts are like ‘When I see people, I am going to give them a hug.”
The dinosaur likes me living in his brain.
Sometimes I like to get out and look at the dinosaur.

Caden Frizzell

The World of Poetry

I live in
a shoe with
Mr. Moo. Do
you think
it’s lots of
fun? No, it

Reese Fowler

Taylor Elementary School
Taylor AR
Date of Visit: April 16 – 17, 2015
Faculty Sponsor: Robby Frizzell
Grade Levels: 3, 4, 5, 6
Appx. Number Students Served: 100
Visiting Writers: Cheyenne Autry, Zach Hester, David Kinzer, and Suzanne Monroe